Sketch-A-Day Drawing Challenge 2021: 365 pages of Drawing Prompts to inspire Artists, and Incite the imagination

365 pages of Drawing Prompts to inspire Artists, and Incite the imagination

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Limitation breeds creativity, and consistency breeds mastery.

When you look at a blank sheet of sketchbook paper, it's immediately exciting, it is the embodiment of endless possibility, of creative freedom-but it can't be helped, that daunting feeling of what to draw next always creeps up in the form of the dreaded 'Art Block', or you may just end up doodling subjects and characters that are within your comfort zone-in fact, hindering your creative and artistic growth.

Through creating purposeful art with a prompt, you are pushed to create within certain boundaries (A particular character, a storyline, a concept, a timeframe), you can learn to think about these limitations in different ways that will force you to come up with alternative solutions, different techniques, experimental designs, new drawing styles, or just thinking in a different way to rapidly push your art to the next level.

This book was created with these thoughts in mind. Every page features a brand new prompt for each day, so you will never run out of ideas, you can incorporate drawing studies into your sketches, and practice drawing for an entire year!

Through these carefully crafted prompts, Sketch-A-Day Drawing Challenge inspires you to:
 Practice gesture drawings, figure drawing, and drawing from lifeCreate and design new characters from compelling concepts, or re-imagine classic charactersDraw from the right side of the brain Practice anatomical studiesAs well as do many fun and light-hearted prompts to stir your imagination and step up your art game, as well as keep you consistent in your practice.
Sketch-A-Day Drawing Challenge 2021 is an indispensable tool for artists who want to see themselves improve rapidly over the course of a year, challenge themselves to consistent creativity, and push their imagination to its limits! This book is perfect for artists of all levels, from total beginners to art students, concept artists, character designers, etc.

If you're ready to take this exciting challenge, push your imagination to its very limits, and to rapidly step up your art over the course of this year-long challenge, then add this book to cart! 

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