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Know How to Take Care of Your Skin

Can you guess what is the largest organ of your body? Nope, not your liver, which is the biggest INTERNAL organ nevertheless, but not the largest of them all.

Give up? It's your skin! Yes, that's right. It's an excretory organ on its own responsible for waste such as urea and sodium to leave your body through its sweat pores.

Just when you thought the skin was all about appearance...and that's certainly true, but it goes much more skin deep than that.

Your skin is your body's vital first line of defense. It protects you from all the tiny microscopic organisms in the air and toxin and other pollution within the environment.

Now on to the obvious of more or less why you want to take care of your skin: you want to appear and be attractive, increase your self-esteem and confidence, or get ahead professionally in life as people tend to favor better-looking people than those who are less polished in appearance.

Overall, you just want to have healthy beautiful skin because your skin is also an indicator of your health. They say real beauty comes from the inside out - well, the outside is the reflection of your inside. If your internal health is bad, that will show outwardly through your skin, and vice versa.

Now that you know how your skin is much more than about looking good and even why skin care is necessary, it's time to actually start taking care of your skin!

By taking the "Skin Care Express," your destination includes:

- How to figure out what's your skin type and how to take care of each one of them.

- How to clear up and rejuvenate your skin like brand new starting from the inside out.

- How to protect your skin from the daily stress of environment to fight premature aging.

- How to enhance your skin immediately when you want to look your absolute best now.

- How to maintain healthy skin for years to come based on your age and best practices.

- Also, personalized hands-on exercises and applications to put everything into action on how to take care of your skin.

...and much more.

Take care of your skin, and IT will take care of you.

July 15
KnowIt Express
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Customer Reviews

JapaneseSakura27 ,

Surprising skin care secrets experts swear by for healthy-looking skin revealed!

Concise, simple and easy to digest book on skin care. Looking beautiful, is a million-dollar industry and can get very overwhelming considering there are so many tips and products out there. This book provides an easy and comprehensive guide on how to keep the skin looking young and healthy, with little money spent or invasive techniques used. You don’t have to be a dermatologist to understand these skin care secrets because the author does a good job explaining advice in fun a simplified way in which anyone can understand. Looking young, is still possible if you have the knowledge in preventing aging.
This book provides well-discussed information about nutrition, hygiene, skin types, washing techniques, what to look for in products, and some ways to protect the skin from the sun and increase circulation for promising results. What I really love about this book, is you are given tips on how to care for the skin for different ages. What skin regime you may use at age thirty, may not work at age fifty and this book goes into detail. This book is an easy, gentle, and eco-friendly book to guide anyone into achieving healthy skin, appropriate for all ages.

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