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Have you ever dreamt of visiting alien worlds? Have you ever wished you could zip through space via jet pack? What if you could defy gravity and explore unknown realms freely? Imagine being a space adventurer, paid to meet and greet alien cultures, while representing and protecting all of humanid-kind. You’d live to tell tales of glory. You’d be the stuff of legends. Sounds like a dream job, right? Well, no job is perfect, and there is a high price to be paid for this fantasy. That’s reality for a Skyraco.

These winged warriors operate millions of miles from their home-world, Centrus, on the frontier of the known. They travel to planets remote and unimagined where they are forced to interpret crises and dispense justice on their terms, or so they think.

In "Skyracos: The Mining Mess" recent recruit, Chip Daniels wants to be a hero, but gets more than he bargained for once incased in his streamlined flight suit. Chip and the rest of Unit 9901 are ordered to investigate a mysterious plague outbreak in an isolated mining colony. What starts out as a game quickly unravels into a life or death crisis. Notions of good and evil spin into nightmare of moral ambiguity, which challenges Chip's definition of heroics...Welcome to a Skyraco's uncomfortable world.

"Skyracos: The Mining Mess" is a retro sci-fi adventure of flight packs and flying men forged from the same mettle as Flash Gordon, Buck Rogers and pulps like Startling Stories.

It ain't Shakespeare. It's pure Pulp!

Fiction & Literature
March 31
John Picha
John W Picha

Customer Reviews

Scarletminded ,

Heroes in flying robotic suits are forced to dig in economic dirt.

The Skyracos are called for disaster relief at an Eternum mine on the planet Claous. Eternium is a highly sought mineral promising the lure of immortality to those who can pay the price. Its production is halted when a strange disease overtakes the serf-like miners and infects their colony.

The author has a way of breeding suspense and creating multifaceted characters through layers of frustrations and sharp curves. The story employs a sudden unstable suspense using countdowns and other diversions. I would recommend it to people who like their pulp studded with Brazil-like floors of ignorant bureaucracy and heroes that have no choice but to go against the code for the cause. Which code of conduct will be up to you, the reader, to observe and figure out!

AEDucheau ,

Blood and Steel

In its opening paragraphs, Skyracos rockets to the planet Claous, and the futuristic mining town of Destiny City. Here, a heartless, interplanetary conglomerate mines its own version of blood diamonds, Eternium. When a riot erupts and miners begin to exhibit strange symptoms, the ironclad space corp of Skyracos are called in to restore peace. But nothing can interrupt the precious flow Eternium, not without serious repercussions.
Skyracos mixes pulp, sci-fi action with a good dose of political intrigue, setting forces at odds and then letting the fur fly. It's a unique take on the space marine genre, well worth attention.

oldmanjeans77 ,

Skyraco Shock and Awe

Idealist Chip Daniels flies into the heart of a space colony melee in a story that's really an unflinching deconstruction of a riot.

It explores the motivations of all stakeholders caught in a no-win situation. Some watch from a safe distance in a floating ivory tower, while others are forced to defend themselves in the streets below. The Skyracos are trapped hovering between them.

This Milgram Experiment gone mad puts you in the middle of the action and a very complicated problem. It's a raw but cerebral adventure bound in a gritty e-pulp package, and I liked it.

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