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Force Point (Fp) Counting will help you to count your hand directly in contract tricks (the tricks that are above the initial 6 tricks, which are not counted in the game of bridge). The Fp Counting itself is a new low of the Total Tricks, much better than the old one. The sum of both hands contract tricks, yours and your partner, will give to you the game's Play Level (PL). No need evaluations by the time of the initial count, but one of you, who will ask his partner to reveal the exact distribution (between around 500 possible distributions), must apply some tricks' adjustments when a new distribution changes are discovered by the time of the Bidding. When you discover partner's exact shape, you will ask for the exact number of the contract tricks, thus finding your exact PL. Then if the PL < 5.5 you must decide on the final contract, but if the PL >= 5.5 you must ask your partner for all of the TOP Honors. With Fp you will be able to discover all of the partner's Aces + Kings + Queens with one only question - one answer! No other bridge system is capable of doing that! Then you have to calculate the final PL, and may ask your partner where are the TOP Honors or directly to choose the final contract. The calculations are for a 7 grader, so the difficult decisions in the game of bridge proved to be a simple arithmetic, not even a math. Using one only SCOR-SCOR Convention for all of your Distribution and Control needs (along with the classical Stayman, of course) will allow to you to see transparently the exact cards and lengths of the suits of your partner before the attack. The Playing is your own responsibility, I can only assist you about the Bidding. On Bidding Contests with 12 TOP Matchpoint scoring, Fp will provide to you no less than 70% (usually close to 80%), but pay attention that on such Contests you will have to bid most difficult distributional games collected around the world.

For the love of the Game
Force Point Bidding Developer: Mr. Pawell Boiew

Professional & Technical
October 24
Xlibris US