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From Wes Jenkins, author of the "Doodle-A-Day" comics series, and co-author of "Dorkus and the Affairs of Lord Willing" comes a new collection of cartoons, "Slap Happy Jenkins." 172 full-color cartoons so wild, they're guaranteed to drive you completely slap happy!  


I've known Wes Jenkins for well over 30 years and when I say this is the greatest cartoonist I've ever met, obviously I haven't met many cartoonists. But his stuff is brilliant and I think the guy is a genius. I just wouldn't trust him with my car, kids, dog, or a matchbook. Please buy his book before he kills again.

Bobby Slayton/ Comedian/actor/author


Wes is one of the seventeen most interesting people I have ever met. His take on the world will make you laugh out loud.  If I were you I would buy the book, fill your mouth with milk and then go to a 4th grade science fair and rent yourself out as a volcano.  

Doug Kor- Longtime writer for stand-up comedians (not Bobby though-He writes his own)


Slap Happy Jenkins is wonderful stream-of-dada comix commentary from a veteran silly person and cartoonist! Wes Jenkins’ graphic guffaws are perfect for any devotee of the Kliban-Larson-Piraro school of inspired pictorial lunacy! HIGH-ly Recommended!

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Wes Jenkins has been an artist for 40 years but he still can’t draw a salary. He has been Creative Director of Lego Island, a writer for Radio Shorts, an Artist for Stanford University and clients from NASA to Zappa and all of the ports between. He currently lives in Austin TX.

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