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The Shrike has made Rayne his wife in order to save her from the empty existence her empathy has condemned her to, shunned by all who fear her power. He has revealed his face to her and told her some of his secrets, and there are those who would do anything to discover what she knows. Various rival empires, factions and slavers have offered bounty totalling many millions for his death, and the image she carries in her mind means she is in grave danger should she ever stray from his protection.

Yet still he remains mostly a mystery, a gentle, but aloof companion, and she longs for more. If his enemies capture or kill the Shrike, however, millions of freed slaves will die or be returned to slavery. He is his people’s saviour and protector, and hundreds of thousands will lay down their lives to protect him and sacrifice themselves to avenge him. He is their emperor, who saved them from slavery, and they love him.

An ex-slave himself, the Shrike carries the mental and physical scars of his horrific former life. He started the Slave Empire with a single spaceship and it has grown into the third largest in the galaxy. Even all his warships will not be able to protect him if his rivals discover the truth about him, however, and only one person can betray him. If the Shrike dies, the Slave Empire will go to war with whoever kills him, and the retribution it metes out before it falls will be terrible, bloody, and final…

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
February 23
T C Southwell
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Selinaina ,

Simply amazing

I loved this series. The background, characters and the entire story was well thought out! I felt that the characters developed over time. The dialogue could be light or very intense. The Shrike almost seemed real. Raynne was a bad a** chick! I do wish we knew her brother Rawn better only because he was a survivor as well and should have been a source of stregnth for her. Again great book series!

WhiteWolfProphecy ,


As not only an author of my own series, but editor of books, I give this a 5 star rating. Yes there are some editing errors, & incorrect spellings of words, & their usage, but those are easily corrected by an editor. That is the main difference between an OK book for e-books & a best seller in all formats. This series could easily be a best seller. It keeps you riveted, and never leaves you bored waiting for the next part of the adventure. The imagination is excellent, and it's fun seeing some other sci-fi correlations from other areas. Highly recommend. LK Kelley.

ok4phil ,

Too Emotional

The first book wasn't too bad, but this whole book did not have enough action and seemed rushed. It started out OK, but the last few chapters were down right painful with far to much touchy feely stuff.

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