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"This book is mean and kinky, desperate and romantic...I was consumed." - KC Caron, Goodreads Reviewer

Edward Fasbender is a devil.

He’s my father's biggest rival. He takes what he wants, and he bows to no one.

And now Edward Fasbender wants me.

I didn’t expect to want him back.

Having him is not in the cards, not when a union with him would destroy my father. But that doesn’t mean I can’t play with him a bit.

Except, I’ve never played against such a ruthless opponent. Edward is cold and vicious, and my blood has never run hotter. They say you should choose the devil you know, but I've always preferred long odds.

Even if it'll get me slain.

“Oh my. I was hooked. You won’t be able to put this down!” - Aleatha Romig, NYT Bestselling Author

June 10
Paige Press LLC
Paige Press, LLC

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HARLOW1616 ,



Romance213 ,

“He was the kind of man who had to be in charge.”

Celia Werner is just as evil and devious as ever and still hasn’t completely gotten over Hudson, who is happily married, while Celia is still playing “The Game”; preying on weak individuals who fall for her calculating schemes. She has definitely met her match with Edward Fasbender who is her equal in every way. In fact, he is actually the male version of Celia, only more dangerous. Edward is controlling, dominating and the boss at work and at home. He always succeeds in getting what he wants no matter what it takes or no matter who he has to ruin to get it. She finds Edward sexy and larger than life, and he has awakened feelings within her that she thought did not exist. When he proposed a business arrangement that would benefit both of them, she thought he was crazy and found the idea ridiculous. She stormed out of the meeting but couldn’t stop thinking about him. Celia realized that this was the biggest game she would ever play and was confident that she would come out the winner. It is hard to describe how I feel about Laurelin Paige’s latest book which features everyone’s most hated character, Celia Werner. I had been waiting for her story for a long time and I finally understand how and why she crossed paths with Edward. I was amazed with how much they have in common and how they seem to know each other inside and out. Celia may be the master at playing games with people’s emotions, but Edward’s ability to subconsciously control her is devastatingly wicked and somewhat frightening. The sexual power struggle that exists between Celia and Edward is volatile and seductive and I can only hope they can come to an understanding before it is too late.

Nellsooooth ,

Laurelin Paige -master of her craft! She ”Slay” it!

Once again Laurelin Paige knocked me off my feet with another one of her fascinating and compelling stories. This is just what we’ve come to expect from her. She is a brilliant story teller -a master at her craft. Her stories are always fresh, addictive and engrossing. Celia and Edward’s story was no different.

Celia and Edward will intrigue and captivate you with their sexy (erotic) angst-filled power play.

Celia was back to playing her games, but Edward played the game better. He was always one step ahead of her. She had finally met her match. Edward was unbending, relentless hard as a nail and irresistible. It was so amusing watching Celia getting a dose of her own medicine -and we know how well she played her marks from watching all her antics in the Fixed Series. I've always felt that something devastating must've happened to her for her to be the way she was. I didn't hate her. I felt bad for her, but now I absolutely loved her -now that I'm seeing her in a different light and seeing things from her POV. I'm glad we had a chance to get to read her story. I was sad when the book ended, but excited that Slay: Ruin will be coming soon!

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