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Laurell K. Hamilton has captivated readers with her gritty, seductive tales of vampire hunter Anita Blake for thirty bloody fantastic years. Now, in the thirtieth novel in the #1 New York Times bestselling series, wedding bells are ringing. But before Anita can make it to the altar, she must face an obstacle more daunting than any supernatural threat....

Necromancer Anita Blake is small, dark, and dangerous. Her turf is the city of St. Louis. Her job: U.S. Marshal—Preternatural Branch. She’s faced horrifying monsters and brutal killers and come out the other side still standing.
Considering how things in her life tend to go, Anita never expected her walk down the aisle with Jean-Claude to go smoothly. They’ve already been confronted with naysayers and a power-hungry ancient evil, but now Anita has to do the one thing that actually scares her: introduce her very religious, very human relatives to her fiancé—the newly crowned vampire king of America.
As Anita tries to keep the peace between the family she left behind and the family she’s chosen, dark forces jump at the chance to take advantage of the chaos. With her happy-ever-after at risk and everyone’s immortal souls hanging in the balance, Anita grapples with a hard truth: Blood makes you related, but loyalty makes you family.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
November 7
Penguin Publishing Group

Customer Reviews

Zenpj560 ,

Anita is changing

This book is a continuation of the series that shows how Anita is changing just as Edward has changed. Meeting Anita’s family and how Anita views her family dynamics through the eyes of an adult is a very enlightened moment and shows her how they influenced her past and present in ways she didn’t expect. Good read overall.

1Loodie1 ,

Was this a preview???

I usually love all the Anita Blake books but the last 2 are a joke!!! It’s like reading a book that’s only 1 chapter!!!! Except now you can pay the inflated prices for each one. I thought smolder was a fluke. Just a novelette. But it seems to be a tread. Well this is the last Anita Blake book I’ll ever read again!!!! All she did was have an internal monologue about all her lovers!!! Talk, Talk, Talk…… it started at the airport & they met her family….than it ended!!!! No wedding, no action …NO NOTHING !!!! I’ve read previews that had more of a story than this book.

pknbgf ,

Too slow

I’m missing the way the earlier books were written. It took entirely too long to meet her family at the airport and make it to dinner.
It was all monotonous and I found myself skipping paragraphs just to get to better reading. I liked when Anita held herself to a professional standard when she was working with or around police. No cuddling, no kissing (EVERYONE) no PDA’s.
All the emotional back and forth with every single person that walks in the room feels like a copy/paste insert new name here to fill the pages.
She is more needy than Asher and Richard (at his worst) combined, at this point.
I don’t even understand how Edward can stand the public displays of everyone rubbing up against each other and still be able to hunt with her. Don’t get me wrong I like the sex. But all of it in public takes away from Anita’s credibility as a Marshal.
She can’t stay focused or be beneficial for any amount of time.
The kicker for me was her holding hands and kissing Rafael during an active firefight. THAT IS NOT ANITA! Even when she was human strong she never stood back. Then there was the Wicked Truth, that healing should have been an amazing sex scene their injuries were a significant portion of the small amount of action in this book and their healing was an afterthought at the end of the book to wrap it up. Major let down there. The cut out sex scene with Nicky could have stayed if you didn’t have to read about every redundant emotional thought or connection to every character on each page.
Do you really think Anita would’ve let her zealot grandmother walk freely in her house, while Jean-Claude was vulnerable and out for the day?
The family visit was left lacking, the situation with the triplets was left open with important dangling bits of the story left untouched.
I have read the entire series of books twice, I LOVE them.
The last 2 books have left me empty and unsatisfied.
I hope we don’t have to wait a year for another one like this.

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