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In Slick Rock Cowboys, Tara Rustle's grief and loneliness since her mother passed culminates in finding her home burning to the ground after spending another birthday alone. She snaps and wakes up in the arms of Clay and Johnny Morten with no memory of how she got there. Little does she know, they were once her childhood neighbors. As her memory returns, Clay and Johnny set out to seduce the woman they've lusted after for years. But when an old flame of Clay's and Johnny's threatens Tara's life, will they save her in time or lose all that they were just beginning?

In Double E Ranch, Felicity Wagner applies for the job of ranch hand at the Double Eagle Ranch and her body awakens the moment she sees owners Tom and Billy Eagle. When sheriff Luke sun-Walker examines Felicity after an attack, he knows this is the woman for him, and he, Tom, and Billy set out to woo her together. They know a fiery, passionate woman hides behind the walls she has constructed around her. When Felicity's life is threatened by an insane ex-ranch hand, the one responsible for the earlier attack, the three men must risk everything to protect her, but will they reach her in time?

In Her Ex-Marines, Rachel Lamb is on the run from the law and finds herself in Slick Rock, Colorado unexpectedly applying for a position at the sheriff's department. Sheriff Damon Osborn is horrified when he learns about her past and vows to protect her, offering to have her stay with him and his two brothers. All three men are ex-marines, and all three vow to use all their training to protect her. But their skills will be put to the test when Rachel is kidnapped and they have to rescue her before time runs out.

In Leah's Irish Heroes, Leah Harmer is stunned speechless when the two hottest men she has ever seen walk into the diner where she works. She is equally surprised when they rescue her from her harassing boss. Connell and Seamus O'Hara know Leah is the woman they have been looking for, and now all they have to do is convince her to accept them both. They jump at the opportunity to get her to their house and don't look back once. Can they convince her she is the woman of their dreams, or will the danger stalking her scare her away? ** A Siren Erotic Romance. Becca Van is a Siren-exclusive author.

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October 27

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