SLOTS - The Truth Revealed(?) SLOTS - The Truth Revealed(?)

SLOTS - The Truth Revealed(?‪)‬

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Publisher Description

I wrote this book because I am tired of people actually believing, lying, saying or writing things that isn’t true at all about slots. The so called "slot experts" are hiding the real, true functions from all slot game players.

Just like in the movie Matrix I would like to be able to offer you a choice between a blue pill and a red pill, but this I cannot do. But you can think of this book and the statistics I have so far to be the red pill (the truth), or you can continue your life as usual. Sadly I don’t have a blue pill to offer you either to help you forget all about what you’ve been told about slots and other server/software controlled games.

Slots… It’s a kind of Matrix!

It is all around you! You can feel it! You know there’s something wrong. It is a world of untrue myths and denials pulled down over the eyes of every gambler out there, to blind you and them from the actual truth... that you have been fooled for longer than you know! Remember… All I’m offering is the truth(?)…

My name is Mike (dr. Slots) and I am from Sweden. I was born in the early 70’s and I have always been interested in everything regarding slots, pinball machines, electronic games, computers and programming. In the mid 80’s I really loved to visit the arcades, and at that time there were only two available in my home town.

I have been using a lot of computers in my younger days, just to have fun with games and stuff, but I also liked to learn computer hardware, software and programming in different languages. I have been using computers like Sinclair ZX Spectrum, VIC computers, Spectra Video, IBM PC (286, 386, 486 and so on) and Apple MAC’s among other computers as well.

I have been working with technical support regarding computers, servers and the hardware within. Other areas I have been working in includes programming in several languages, photography, 3D graphics/animation, movie editing, image editing, audio/music editing, producing, recording, mixing, mastering and writing music. I have also programmed web sites since the beginning of the internet period when every company wanted their own web page, when it all started with the web. I have the knowledge and the experience regarding just about every part that is being used when developing software, sound and graphics for the the video slots. It also helps to have a logical mind, because computers are logical too.

So how deep does the rabbit hole really go then?

Find out by reading this book. It will describe a whole lot of the true functions, and it is done with proof both from graphical statistical charts created from real slot gameplay data and you will also learn the same from other believable sources than my self.

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December 21
Mikael Eriksson
Mikael Eriksson

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