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The sexy new SLYE TEMP romantic suspense series Box Set of first 3 books from New York Times Bestseller DIANNA LOVE

LAST CHANCE TO RUN -  (Prequel novel to the Slye Temp series)

Angel Farentino is running from a killer with a fortune in rare coins that can prove her innocence. With a prior undeserved conviction on her record, she must avoid the law for any chance at securing her freedom. But she stows away on a cargo charter plane being flown by Zane Jackson who is working covertly for the DEA and on the look out for a criminal operation. One look at Angel confirms she's a Person of Interest ... and Zane's interested, but will the heat rising between them explode with deadly consequences?


Slye Temp agent Josh Carrington will never forget the innocent woman who died because she'd trusted him. Now he sticks to Personal Rule Number One: Never mix business with pleasure... or that was the plan until he meets the sister of his Number One suspect while on a new mission. A faceless stalker threatens to kill anyone who helps Trish Jackson play a twisted game of life and death chess, including Josh, the new man on her brother's task force who has planted both unwelcome feet in the middle of her world and refuses to leave. The closer Josh gets to the twisted truth, the more he struggles to keep Trish out of harm's way--and his bed--but the sultry firecracker gets under his skin like no other woman, forcing him to question everything, starting with Rule Number One.


Slye Temp operative RYDER VAN DYKE is facing conviction on murder charges and only one person can help him prove his innocence - the female FBI agent with damning evidence who believes he's guilty. When Ryder's last hope for freedom disintegrates, the FBI offers a deal that will send him back to the one place he swore never to step foot in again. FBI analyst BIANCA BRADY wants justice for the death of her best friend. All she needs is proof that the Van Dyke patriarch - Ryder's father - is guilty of funding terrorist operations and Ryder can get that for her. She's willing to do whatever it takes to make all Van Dyke criminals pay, or so she thinks. But deadly secrets, an international security threat and a killer with a vendetta force Ryder to make the ultimate choice - give up his freedom or risk the life of the woman who steals his heart.

"It seems with each book, this series gets better...(Love) has an uncanny ability of always creating wonderful characters that you care about... This was such a beautiful romance, one of the best I have read this year."

~~Barb, The Reading Cafe

June 27
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Customer Reviews

TLHaywood ,

Love does it again

I adore Love’s Alterant series. I wasn’t sure about a special ops series, but I’m 3 books in and hooked. She does a great job of making people seem like they have real issues with love and trust. She makes you root for the team while wanting to shout at them to just come clean and tell them you love them! She makes you want to meet her hunky heartthrob heroes and her strong female characters. Honestly, the only thing she is missing is at least 1 or 2 gay characters to really round out her crew.

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