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"This is one of the best Bible studies I have read. Most Bible study guides and workbooks are shallow, and as a result do not result in meaningful spiritual growth. small devil BIG GOD gives you solid meat. It goes deep into the scripture and lays a strong foundation for victorious Christian living based on the Word of God." … Reviewer.

Without realizing it, many Christians limit God and magnify the devil. Listen to the way they pray – decreeing and declaring, binding and loosing, taking back what the devil stole. They make the devil bigger than he really is, and then they wonder why they are living defeated lives.

small devil BIG GOD is a bible study book that shows you how a revelation of the bigness of God is sufficient to set you free from most spiritual problems you face. It analyzes the scriptures on spiritual warfare, and teaches you how to overcome fear and bondage the Biblical way. We show you from scripture that there are no magic "prayers for spiritual warfare". Instead we teach you how to pray fervently and effectively.

Many Christian books come with a lot of cultural baggage and denominational biases. small devil BIG GOD cuts through all of that, and goes straight to the Word of God, and shows you how the truths of God's Word can set you free indeed.

"As a mother and wife, I find small devil BIG GOD to be an excellent Bible study for women who want to learn to pray effectively for their husband and children." … Reviewer


Does it feel like the devil is hindering your prayers?

Are you trying to break generational curses so God can bless you?

Do you suspect someone may have worked witchcraft on you?

Do you bind the devil so God can answer your prayers?

Do you decree and declare when you pray?

Are all these new things in the church from God?

If you've answered yes to any of the above questions, then there is a strong chance you are putting yourself in bondage by either not knowing the truth or believing things that are not true (myths).


Christians are in bondage because of the devil, witchcraft, generational curses or because they speak the wrong words into their situations.


They are in bondage because they either don't know the truth or they believe things that are not true (myths).


Freedom comes from attending the right altar call.


Freedom comes from knowing the truth of God's Word.


The key to victory is giving into the fertile soil of the right TV preacher, decreeing and declaring, or following some gimmicky prayer formula.


Victory comes from understanding how big the God of the Bible really is. Freedom comes from having a revelation of that truth deep in your spirit.

That's why we have entitled our book small devil BIG GOD. Christians make the devil bigger than he really is and end up putting themselves in bondage. Then they follow these TV preachers whose sole purpose is to make money out of this self-imposed bondage. We teach you how the truths of God's word can set you free. We teach you how a revelation of the bigness of God can empower you to wage a good warfare and experience victory in your walk with God.

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January 18
Denver Cheddie
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