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Which camp do you fall into – those that love performance objective setting time or those that loathe it? If you selected the “Love it” camp, I’m delighted for you and your team and the only thing I can add is that, if you decide to read this book, you’ll pick up some useful tips to help you finesse your objective setting approach. If you selected the “loathe it” camp, then you need this book. Why? SMART Objective Setting for Managers sets out the 4 main challenges managers struggle with:

1.Defining the desired outcomes of performance
2.Diagnosing team members’ individual starting points
3.Defining tangible objectives for “soft” behavioural performance issues
4.Understanding what can go wrong in the communication process, when agreeing objectives

The book unpacks each of these challenges, using SMART, while prompting you to reflect on how effective your usual approach is. The book provides practical tools and techniques for you to test, so that you maximise the likelihood of increased performance – the individual’s, the team’s and yours.

What makes me so sure? From 10-years-experience of directly managing teams and 20+ years of developing managers, I’ve observed the barriers that unintentionally arise in the Objective Setting Process. Through delivering SMART Objective Setting workshops, designing and implementing Performance Management Processes, and coaching leaders through the process of developing High Performance teams, I have tested my theories and solutions and clients have seen increased engagement and performance.

This is particularly so in the area of behavioural objectives. You know, those behavioural issues, such as poor communication or lack of judgement, that negatively impact performance but are hard to articulate. How do you set a tangible objective around “influencing skills”? This book explains how to do just that and gives you the tools to diagnose what might be going on behind the behavioural performance.

Editorial Reviews of SMART Objective Setting for Managers
“I'm not typically a fan of management type books and the only other one I remember liking was Heart of Change by Kotter so this book is in good company. I found that it gained momentum for me the further into it I got. I reckon that’s because of my own blasé assumption that I know this stuff already. Chapter 8 really spoke to me and I could see how the strings of the earlier chapters were pulled together here. I think this book might have even convinced me to alter my approach to goal setting”
Paul Clements, Head of Change, Release, Transition and Configuration Management

“Why was this book not written years ago! As leaders, we make too many assumptions and this results in frustration. This book explains the dynamics of what goes on between two people and what can go wrong! It highlights the learning points through stories. It made me stand back and think about my approach and what can be done differently. Well done.”
Brendan O'Donovan, Managing Partner, DFMG Solicitors

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