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Innovative Pricing Strategies that Improve Profitability, Attract New Customers, and Transform Industries

In Smart Pricing, Wharton professors and renowned pricing experts Jagmohan Raju and Z. John Zhang draw on examples from high tech to low tech, from consumer markets to business markets, and from U.S. to abroad, to tell the stories of how innovative pricing strategies can help companies create and capture value as well as customers. They teach the pricing principles behind those innovative ideas and practices.

Smart Pricing introduces to marketing and product executives, along with corporate strategists, many innovative approaches to pricing, as well as the research and insights that went into their creation. Filled with illustrative examples from the business world, readers will discover restaurants where customers set the price...learn how Google and other high-tech firms have used pricing to remake whole industries...and understand how executives in China successfully start and fight price wars to conquer new markets.

Smart Pricing goes well beyond familiar approaches like cost-plus, buyer-based pricing, or competition-based pricing, and puts a wide variety of pricing mechanisms at your disposal. This book helps you understand them, choose them, and use them to win.

“Name your own price”: not just for Priceline anymore

New ways to match the right offer with the right customer at the right moment

The new art of the price war

How to plan and execute a price war to conquer new sales territories

Are the best things in life really free?

What you can give away, what you can’t, and how to defend against “free”

The snob premium: from cachet to cash

The more you pay, the more it’s worth

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April 1
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