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This is it. This is why we do this...

Joe couldn't believe the report he was given. Dozens of young people from a single party were overdosing and dying in the hospital. The scale was incredible and the danger it posed to the other towns in the area was immense: these wouldn't be the last victims of laced drugs. But as he was at the police department getting the vital information, he felt something bloom inside him. Something primal, something that threatened to turn his world upside down...

A good sister's job is never done.

Chelsie had just gotten off a twelve hour night shift as she laid in bed. Her heavy eyelids finally had closed, only to be disturbed by the ringing of her phone. Once again, her troubled brother Jeff was calling for help. This time from jail. She knew she had to draw a line somewhere, that if she kept saving his butt he'd never learn. She also knew that she loved him dearly and she was the only person he could turn to. She was still arguing with herself when she walked up to the police station. Inside she notices a man with the most intensely bright eyes, but she has her hands full with worrying about her brother.

As fate would have it, Joe and Chelsie’s paths cross again as he starts to investigate the plant where Chelsie works in hopes of finding out who is allowing drugs to be dealt and transferred through the plant. As Joe and Chelsie begin to learn more about each other and acknowledge the growing tension and passion between them, they’ll have to figure out who is helping the drug dealers from Detroit and if Jeff can ever be trusted again.

January 25
Gizmo Media
Gizmo Media

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Nahanea ,

what forever looks like

Smash is book two in the series Mountain Bears by author Becca Fanning. Absolutely entertaining and captivating. I love these guys- they are sexy as hell, funny and serious when it comes to.... yep I’m ending it there - read the book!!

I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.

Qab854 ,


Bear shifter romance that has people overdosing and dying. Chelsie has to get her brother Jeff out of jail. Joe & Chelsie met at the police station. They team together to figure out who is helping the drug dealers. This is well written with wonderful characters and an intriguing storyline. I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.

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