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Ladies! You know as well as I do that every now and then we don’t want a story or a beautiful romance. What we want is a good hard—well . . . you know.
In light of that I’ve written these, a selection of sexy scenes that cut right to the core of the action. There’s no long story here, no painstakingly crafted narrative, just sex . . . in various forms.

If you’re looking for a five minute quickie, with guaranteed satisfaction at the end—y’know, something to read while the peas are boiling, or while waiting for the other half to come home—look no further than my Smexxy Snippets series: non sequential, non related encounters between men and women in various numbers, locations and intensities.



Max can’t wait to get home: rough day at the office followed by traffic jams and finally a minor accident in his car. He longs for nothing more than to curl up in Jamie’s arms and forget about the day in his arms.

Imagine then, his surprise when he arrives home to tantalising smells and a round, perfectly naked backside peeping out from beneath the door of the fridge. Not only has Jamie decided to cook, but he has chosen to do so utterly naked.

Delighted by the surprise, Max lets Jamie soothe away the aches and pains of the day with wine, delicately roasted duck and rosemary spiced potatoes. Oh, and a sexy lap dance while the green beans boil.


Smexxy Snippets, by Raven ShadowHawk, for those who like it hard and fast.

Smexxy Snippets are a collection of short punchy stories that fall firmly in the PWP section of Raven’s writings. For those who don’t know, PWP stands for ‘Plot? What plot? These steaming hot stories are written for one thing, and one thing only: to get you hot under the collar in a very short space of time. Upcoming Smexxy Snippets include ‘Kinky Blind Date’ and ‘It’s Good To Share’.
If there’s a particular scenario you’d like to see or if you have a specific comment to make, leave a review below.
Raven loves to hear your thoughts and is more than willing to pen a specific scenario, complete with dedication if your idea tickles her fancy.

Fiction & Literature
September 28
Little Vamp Press
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