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Real barbecue taste comes from mastering the art of slow-cooking meat at a low temperature for a long time, using wood smoke to add flavour. And this is the book that shows you how to do it! For the first time, Jeff Phillips is publishing the information he has compiled on his incredibly popular website, www.smoking-meat.com. With step-by-step instructions on how to choose, set up, and modify your own charcoal, gas, or electric smoker, Jeff Phillips guides you through your smoking session with the patience unique to an experienced pitmaster. Once you've chosen your smoker and got the knack of some basic techniques, Jeff encourages you to cut loose and experiment to develop your own smoky sensations. Best of all, you can even give smoking meats a try just by using your basic backyard grill, then decide whether to invest in a smoker. Your every smoking question is answered in these detailed sections: 1. Types of smokers 2. Charcoal, wood, or gas? 3. Building and keeping a fire 4. Tools and equipment 5. Flavouring meat 6. The smoking-meat pantry 7. Food safety You'll never again have to run all over town to search out the best smoked meat! In addition to handing over all his tried-and-true recipes for chicken, ribs, brisket, and burgers, Jeff gives you his favourite recipes for sauces, rubs, and brines. You'll also find recipes for smoking duck, quail, sausage, meatloaf, fish, and even frogs' legs. He rounds out his collection by including desserts, salads, and coleslaws. Smoking Meat will have you feasting on the most succulent and flavourful meat you've ever had in no time.

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April 1
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Whitecap Books Ltd.

Customer Reviews

TJ23168 ,

Great book

I own a BBQ business & am always looking to shake up my menu (60 items & counting) or make specials for my business or feeding my family. This book is worth every penny, from prep to finished product it is a great book for rubs, sauces, sides & desserts! Great book highly recommend it, hats off to Jeff for leaving no stone unturned.

DasFlieger ,


This is a great book as I am new to smoking meats.

Dugger74 ,


Just bought my first smoker a week ago. This book is full of great tips, tricks and recipes that I am looking forward using!

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