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“Get snipped,” they said. “It will solve all your problems,” they said. Unfortunately, Ted listened...

Five years ago, it was love at first sight. Now, it’s life on autopilot as tumbleweeds roll through Ted and Iris’s bedroom. Their lackluster love life is driving Ted nuts. Iris’s solution to their bedroom blues: get snipped.

Kunal and Ray, Ted’s best friends and sworn enemies of Iris, agree with her for once. All roads seem to lead to a surgical solution, but Ted’s not going there... until an explosive argument changes everything. A vasectomy seems like Ted’s only play to win Iris back.

The antics of his precocious next-door neighbor complicates matters. Ted's ill-conceived decisions jeopardize everything important in his life, including his nuts.

But life was about to throw Ted a romantic curve-ball aimed straight at his heart...

Praise for Snipped - A Cutting Comedy:

"This is a deliciously funny read. It has really likable characters and a funny as hell storyline. A must read!"

"This is a wonderful, laugh-out-loud book. Poor Ted and his 'clown' friends just made me crack up while laughing and shaking my head in wonder. I didn't know one person could get into so many strange situations. I LOVED IT!!!!! The characters (and I mean characters) are well developed and Ray, maybe a little toooo much developed, but they seem to meld well. Throw in a teenager from down the hall, and ex-girlfriend, and a potential NEW girlfriend, and the fun really starts. Especially when Ted goes to the doctor to get fixed. What a hoot and the doctor just adds to the hilarity of it all. The only sane one seems to be Buster, the dog. Read this and you will chuckle all day long."

"I laughed until I cried! Who would have thought such a sensitive subject could be sooooo hilarious? Lee Gabel, that's who. The reader needs to be cautioned that they may have fits of out-loud laughter, so read in the appropriate place. But OMG, did I enjoy the characters and the situations they got in, and even more so when presumed plots quickly turned into unexpected twists."

"I haven't laughed so hard reading a book in a long time. The comedy of errors that Ted goes through kept me laughing to the end."

"I really wanted to give this book a 3 1/2 stars but Amazon does not provide 1/2 stars. This book reminded me of a SNL (Saturday Night Live) movie starring Adam Sandler or Jimmy Fallon. It was funny with laugh out loud moments that you will remember."

"If you want a book that makes you laugh so hard your sides hurt, this is it. A new author to me and I think he has potential and look forward to his next."

"This was a funny story about a man and a dog going through a similar medical procedure. There were lots of laughs and the pacing was good. If you are craving the literary equivalent of American Pie or White Castle you won't go away from this novel unsatisfied."

"This is a light and funny beach read kind of book. My favorite part was the love story between Ted and Casey."

"I quite enjoyed this book. It was funny and you can't really help but have a soft spot for the Three Musketeers."

About the Author

Since 1992, Lee has worked within the visual and dramatic arts landscape as a graphic designer, illustrator, visual effects artist, animator, screenwriter and author. He's contributed to an Emmy award and once walked 63.5 kilometers in 13 hours. Traditionally trained as a screenwriter, Lee has moved to writing books in order to share his stories.

Lee has spent most of his life living on an island in the Pacific Northwest and he writes in multiple genres that interest him. Why? In his own words: “Writing is magic. I’ll never understand how it works the way it does, but I do know if I put energy into writing, it rewards me in strange and wonderful ways. Even if I know where I’m going in a story, often I’ll end up being pulled in directions by my characters that I least expect. What ends up on the page never ceases to surprise me, and that’s super cool. Writing continues to be one of the most difficult and most rewarding aspects of my life.”

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