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She chooses to stay out of the fight. But when she’s forced to help the enemy, her betrayal wakes a sleeping giant.

Destiny Snow is the last known banshee in the kingdom. Or she fears she is because her grandfather has disappeared. Humans and majiks alike discriminate against her because of the banshee wail of death. That’s why she and her grandfather have always lived as hermits and never joined the majik resistance movement. Until royal guards knocked on her door.

Under the regent’s orders, Destiny is held in an overcrowded cell with seven other criminals while he forces her to track majiks to steal their power. Except she’s never been trained and has no magic. When she makes a major mistake, several important resistance leaders are captured, including her childhood crush, Stone.

Can the bad news banshee convince her cellmates that she can be trusted and help them escape the dungeon before they’re all tortured to death?

Snow Wicked White is the fourth book in the captivating fairytale series A Glass Slipper Adventure. If you like feisty heroines, twisted fairytales, and secret identity stories, then you’ll love Allie Burton’s spellbinding novel.

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"And that ending, oh my I need the next book!!" - Reviewer

Young Adult
September 7
Alice Fairbanks-Burton
Alice Fairbanks-Burton

Customer Reviews

cleocutie ,

Good book

Great story inspired by a classic tale. There is enough of the old fairytale left to know what the story is based on. It the aj hot has taken it and made is so much more with characters with real depth and personality and several twists. I really like how each story in the series is set in the same world, but follows a different character and tells their story.

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