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Alpha male alien comes to Earth to pick up a bride and instead meets a beautiful scientist whose job it is to capture him.

NYT Bestselling Author, Michelle M. Pillow, is back with a brand new sci-fi alien romance adventure.

Tushar (aka Snow Chaos) knows there is little chance of finding a wife on his ice-ball of a home planet. Few can survive the subzero temperatures. When Galaxy Alien Mail Order Brides offers to introduce them to women eager for love, he and his brothers can’t resist, but Earth is far from welcoming. 

He knows he should focus on getting home, but all he can think about is laying claim to the sexy scientist who works for the bad guys.

Jennifer works for the Milano Foundation in an attempt to undermine their efforts. When Snow and his brothers land, it’s like a dream come true for her diabolical alien-kidnapping coworkers. Now she has to make a choice--keep her cover, or betray a dangerous corporation to save the alien she's falling in love with.

Snow might be a blue humanoid from another planet, but life with him might be worth the risk.

Length: Long Novella/Short Novel

Contemporary Alien Science Fiction Fantasy Paranormal Romance

A Qurilixen World Novella

January 8
The Raven Books LLC
The Raven Books LLC

Customer Reviews

R. Manor ,


Michelle Pillow -Snow : A Qurilixen World Novella: (Galaxy Alien Mail Order Brides Book 6)

Snow Chaos (adopted earth name) is the last of the three brothers to find a mate. They are from the ice planet Sintaz,and were brought to earth by Galaxy Mail Order Brides being promised females to mate. Unfortunately they were betrayed somehow and now the Milano Foundation wants to capture the blue aliens to be “studied”. It is suggested readers go in order of these three books.)
Understandingly, Snow is feeling like the third wheel being the only brother without a female, as well as lonely and hopeless.
Hope does come though in the way of Jennifer, a female working undercover for the Milano Foundation.
This third book ties the trilogy in an exciting adventure laced with romance, humor, and sexy blue alpha aliens.

Pdb44 ,


Enjoyable. Funny. I missed Frost’s story. I thought Snow was the second book. Loved Meg. Hilarious. This story felt rushed to me. Loved Ice more. All the characters, including Bob and Gary, were fantastic. It just felt rushed. I will say the plot to take out Santa was hilarious. I do recommend this series, as I’ve always enjoyed Ms. Pillows books.

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