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Clay Sommers and Jade Millerton had been together for four months. They had made it through the winter and were still finding ways to surprise each other every day. The townspeople were still getting used to seeing Clay and Jade together after they had spent so much time avoiding each other when he got back to town after being away for eight years. Time went on and Clay and Jade had mended their fences and now Clay was at Jade’s house putting up benches he had made for her while she was at work. He had spent hours designing the benches and making them a masterpiece that he hoped she would love forever, just like he planned to love her. The two benches were a pair, but he had given them each some original features to make them special in their own way. It was the beginning of May and birds sang and flowers bloomed throughout the garden, he couldn’t think of a more perfect day to give the woman he loved a gift that he had promised her three months before.
Once the benches were in place, Clay sat on Jade’s front porch and looked out over the landscape waiting for her to get home. Half an hour later, he could see her red car coming down the road. He stood up as it turned into the driveway.
“This would explain why your shop was closed when I drove by on my way home,” said Jade getting out.
“Yes, honey, it would,” he answered smiling, “and I made you something, come with me,” and he slipped his hand into hers and together they made their way to the garden.
“My benches,” she said, “they’re amazing. I love the design of the hearts and flowers on one and the hearts and birds on the other.”
“And I added a special something on the back,” he answered, as they went around behind and he showed her the inscription CS + JM. Jade traced the letters engraved in the smooth sanded wood with her fingertips.
“Thank you,” she whispered turning to Clay, “your work is amazing and I am proud to show it off in my garden.”

May 18
Emily Dickinson
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