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A sexy new book in the Dallas Debutantes/McCool Family trilogy. All books in the trilogy can be read as standalones.  

A cowboy who isn’t what he appears must play private host to a spoiled Dallas Debutante who isn’t what she seems. Between frozen pipes, bonfires, bowling, a flu epidemic, a jealous ex-girlfriend and a snowstorm of the century, when will they ever find time to discover the real person under their façade? 

After an embarrassing disaster at her cousin’s wedding, Dr. Wendy McCool needs a change of scene and some quiet time to reflect on her medical career choices, her future and her lack of a love life…or really, any life outside of eighty-hour work weeks. An offer of a private apartment from her mother’s friend sends her off to Montana only to discover the unexpected. 

Over a decade in Chicago as a hedge fund manager and Zane Miller is ready to call it quits. He misses the family ranch in Montana, the fresh mountain air, and even the smell of a barn full of horses. When his mother falls ill, he heads to Montana, ready to do what it takes to get her health back, even running the ranch while his parents winter in Florida. What he didn’t agree to was playing host to a spoiled Dallas Debutante/jilted bride. Heaven help him. 

January 7
Riante, Inc.
Riante, Inc

Customer Reviews

Stanhop3234 ,

So good!

I loved everything about this book except when I wanted to smack both of H/h in the back the head for not telling each other how they felt.
Wendy McCool is rethinking her entire life’s choices. After a disastrous family wedding she needs to get away and decided her what she wants for the rest of her life.
Zane Miller, when his got sick he decided he was over being a big wig in Chicago and the ranch life he left behind really is his true calling.
When Zane’s mother calls to tell him Wendy is on her way to spend a few months at the ranch little did they know it would be the best Christmas ever and it would change both of them for ever. That is if they can get past their bull headedness.

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