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“As winter sets in, a little red bug needs a warm place to live and looks to some farm animals for help.”

When kids are learning to read, simple is good. And fun is even better!

That’s why the New Reader series works so well.

These delightful books encourage kids to read through repetition, rhythm and, occasionally, rhyme.

Uncluttered illustrations (without hi-tech distraction) help potential readers focus on the words and the characters. The pictures and the words work together to tell a patterned story. Children feel comfortable “reading” the story because the words are simple and predictable. 

Best of all, the books are fun for both adults and kids!

The pictures offer plenty to talk and laugh about — colour, characters, number patterns, emotions, shapes and sizes.

Parents and primary teachers — including English-as-second-language and special-education professionals — have regularly used the print editions of these books to help kids learn to read for more than 10 years. 

Best of all, kids love them because they can finally read their own stories.

Here are some of the reviews and comments that have come in over the years.

"Ideal for emergent readers, these humorous, engaging books combine basic vocabulary and repetitive, rhythmical text with explicit, eye-catching illustrations…" Patti Sollenberger, PhD, Reading Matters, Pennsylvania.

“Perhaps no one has their finger on the pulse of the pre-reader market better than… Edwards and Bianchi. By using a simple combination of bright colours, endearing characters, and repetitive but not monotonous storylines, the books strongly appeal to both toddlers and adults...”Canadian Book Review Annual.

“Your New Readers are great for my young, struggling readers who need a lot of repetition and clever pictures to help them learn to read…” Gloria __, Reading Specialist, Idaho.

“We always enjoy the humour and the discussions we have about the story and the pictures. And the students learn to read new words quickly and accurately...” Franca F___, teacher, Ontario.

“WE LOVE THESE BOOKS!!!! …My 2 year old loves the stories and pictures of the animals and my 6-year-old is so proud that he can read to his brother! Thanks for these wonderful books…” Melissa R___.

November 12
Bungalo Books
307681 Ontario Limited
Grades P-1

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