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SO BEWARE Book #2 of James Hockenberry's World War One Intrigue Trilogy It is 1919. WORLD WAR One is over but ... • In Paris, the Allies covet the spoils of victory and haggle over the peace terms • In Germany, the country implodes while remnants of the army refuse to accept defeat and plot revenge • Worldwide, Lenin's Communist movement advances and threatens the democratic Allies Europe is a spark away from a new catastrophe. Gil Martin and Paul & Shannon Keller, the heroes from Over Here, the first book in this intrigue series, are again caught in a cauldron of deceit and danger. Action jumps between Paris and Berlin as Martin and the Kellers fight against diabolical enemies, mysterious associates, and time. The tension climaxes when an air assault threatens the signing of the Versailles peace treaty. Failure to stop the attack could lead to a new cataclysm. World War One Intrigue Series offer meticulously researched and historically accurate thrill rides. Over Here dramatizes in fascinating detail the little-known undeclared war Germany fought against America in 1915 -1916. The book provides a powerful, historically based, page turner that combines suspense, betrayal, and complex characters. So Beware, the second in the World War One Intrigue Series jumps to 1919 during the Paris Peace talks. Gil Martin and Paul Keller, our NYPD Bomb Squad heroes, are now military intelligence officers. Once again, they are caught in a cauldron of duplicity and danger. James Hockenberry grew up in Bronxville, NY. He has created a "World War One Intrigue" series featuring duplicity and danger in Over Here and So Beware. James's series interweaves three of his passions: modern history, New York City, and his family's roots. Over Here won a FAPA Silver Metal for Historical Fiction.

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