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It was a cold November morning and the first snow of the winter season began to fall. Jake was off to work, running late as usual. He bounded out of the door as his mom, Jaymie, yelled, “Drive safe, wear your seat belt, love you!” Little did she know that those would be the last words she would ever speak to him. Driving to work on the newly fallen snow, the highway was clear of ice except for one area where there had already been one accident. As Jake drove by, he found the next patch of ice. Jake’s pickup spun around, hit the edge of the blacktop, and rolled several times. Jake was thrown out of the window and died on impact. Jaymie had always loved being a mom. Jake was the only son of three. He had two older sisters who he teased, unmercifully. As Jaymie was getting up to begin that fateful day, her sister, Rachelle, came running through the front door yelling, “James, you need to get dressed. Derrick called and Jake has been in an accident. We need to get to the hospital right now!” Driving to the hospital, Jaymie found out that Jake had gone to his eternal home. Jake always had a smile on and was always the one to stand up for the little guy. His laugh was infectious. There have been tender mercies and many miracles provided by our Father in Heaven. Jake’s family soon learned why he was taken at such a tender age of only nineteen. From saving his nephew and sister from drowning, to leaving purple pansies on Mother’s Day. Going through their worst nightmare, one that every parent prays they will never know, the Nilssons learn to be grateful for the small things and a great deal about not just themselves, but just how important the atonement will be for their family. They find hope and happiness they thought was gone forever. All while learning just how deep our Savior and Father in Heaven’s love and compassion really run. Always knowing that Jake is “So Close.”

Religion & Spirituality
January 8
Covenant Books, Inc.
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