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Jake Colsen, an overworked and disillusioned pastor, happens into a stranger who bears an uncanny resemblance (in manner) to the apostle John. A number of encounters with John as well as a family crisis lead Jake to a new understanding of what his life should be like: one filled with faith bolstered by a steady, close relationship with the God of the universe. Facing his own disappointment with Christianity, Jake must forsake the habits that have made his faith rote and rediscover the love that captured his heart when he first believed.

Compelling and intensely personal, SO YOU DON'T WANT TO GO TO CHURCH ANYMORE relates a man's rebirth from performance-based Christianity to a loving friendship with Christ that affects all he does, thinks, and says. As John tells Jake, "There is nothing the Father desires for you more than that you fall squarely in the lap of his love and never move from that place for the rest of your life."

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September 2
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Customer Reviews

deancpj ,

So You Don't Want To Go To Church Anymore

I am blown away by such insight and truth revealed! Books like this will cause anyone seeking a more authentic relationship with our Father, to think and be challenged. It has touched me deeply, and inspired my soul and spirit!

bubbleoo ,

It's a pretty good read.

I found it to be really interesting at first and then had trouble with repitition of ideas. However, I will say since I am outside an organized church at present that he brings up many useful and appropriate questions. For quite some time, I have been concerned that church was less about building a relationship with God than it was just a business so his point is well taken. However, very hard to determine what he thinks is the answer from reading the book unless you've already been pursuing more in the form of relationship with God.

Blessed :-) ,


This book is deep!! I enjoyed reading this book and I plan on reading it again to really digest what the author is saying! I love the church setting, but I got a glimpse of God's desire for us to be the church and not just go to church. The simple fact is that our love relationship with God is what changes us and where true freedom is found! God desires that we grow in his love for us and not conform to the worlds definition of being a Christian! It's time to be the church! Jesus is coming for his Bride!

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