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Publisher Description

My motive for writing this book is to restore the unity of the African-American family. There are values that we have strayed away from. So many African-Americans are not getting married because
they fear that it will not work out. For those that do get married, fewer and fewer of those marriages are lasting. A great number of people get married with the mindset that if it doesnt work out they
will just get a divorce. By having that mindset they are going into the marriage with an attitude of defeat. As I look around our nation, I see so many families breaking apart, thereby destroying future
generations. We do what looks good, feels good, and whatever makes us happy as individuals. We are molding our next generation into self-centered out of control individuals going nowhere fast. The
morals and values of our ancestors are almost extinct. The desire of my heart is for us to stop hurting and damaging one another. Its a
catastrophic domino effect that seems like a never ending nightmare! We have to take the time to sit back and realize our selfishness only
preps the next person for the same, or preps them to feel theres no way out of being nice and loving people and getting hurt, being someones doormat! I wish to help restore the worth of our men and
women; to revive the black community, putting things into proper perspective so that people who get married can STAY married, and for those that arent married and are afraid of the marriage failing, to break free of that fear and fulfill their desire to be married. We dont have to accept a dysfunctional family as the norm! In order to establish and maintain a healthy family, our perspective on life has to be positive, with one main ingredient: love. It is the responsibility of each individual to do whats necessary to build a strong foundation that will solidify a successful relationship and/or marriage, even while you are still single.

It breaks my heart to see so many unhappy people. Whether they are unhappily married or unhappily single, many are miserable and have no clue as to why. In this book I will lay out some things very clearly, step by step, to help you understand why marriages fail, relationships crumb, and fear so gruesomely imprisons us.

March 28