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In this New York Times bestseller, Ijeoma Oluo offers a hard-hitting but user-friendly examination of race in America
Widespread reporting on aspects of white supremacy--from police brutality to the mass incarceration of African Americans--have made it impossible to ignore the issue of race. Still, it is a difficult subject to talk about. How do you tell your roommate her jokes are racist? Why did your sister-in-law take umbrage when you asked to touch her hair--and how do you make it right? How do you explain white privilege to your white, privileged friend?
In So You Want to Talk About Race, Ijeoma Oluo guides readers of all races through subjects ranging from intersectionality and affirmative action to "model minorities" in an attempt to make the seemingly impossible possible: honest conversations about race and racism, and how they infect almost every aspect of American life.
"Oluo gives us--both white people and people of color--that language to engage in clear, constructive, and confident dialogue with each other about how to deal with racial prejudices and biases."--National Book Review
"Generous and empathetic, yet usefully blunt . . . it's for anyone who wants to be smarter and more empathetic about matters of race and engage in more productive anti-racist action."--Salon (Required Reading)

January 16
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Customer Reviews

Humilityswim ,

Brilliant Useful Book

This book is effective and useful, particularly to help those less aware of what actions and behaviors are indeed racist, and what changes they can make and do right away. The book shares well-documented statistics, studies and laws to illustrate the parameters of racism, how we can all learn them and increase our knowledge and empathy, and go forward making better choices and more inclusive actions. A tool for earnest and well-informed good citizenship in America for the 21st century. Share and discuss widely, we will all be better for it.

ZHT Mom ,

This is a NEED TO READ book.

This is the book that I have been waiting for. Anyone who has a desire to help heal our world, to open their eyes and ears and hearts in order to bridge the “chasm” of race in America, is ready for this book. You could look at this as a starting point, a basic introduction to the complex issue of racism in our country, and also as in invitation to come to the conversation and be part of the work. Ms. Oluo’s writing is beautiful, strong and dynamic. This is a book that needs to be read, and discussed, and incorporated into our national conversation.

taweni ,


Topics that need to be spoken about everywhere.

This book opened my eyes about many injustices.

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