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So you don't want to suck at social media... Awesome! Sure, you’ve heard that social media is an incredible way to reach new audiences and network with the big shots, but every time you take a step, you fall flat on your face. Luckily for you, it’s not as difficult as you may have thought. In this book, you'll find 7 invaluable, duplicatable tips to boost your social media skills! But why believe me?

Currently, I help lead a team that mans the Twitter help desk of a large-scale web startup in SoHo that sees generally over 100 actionable inquiries a day. Prior to this, I spent a year and a half honing my skills with the largest camera store in New Jersey, growing their social following on Facebook 104%, slight gains in the 4 existing networks they were on, created a presence from scratch on two new networks, and worked through a 330,000 viewer gain on their YouTube channel, helping them surpass 1.26 million total views -- all in a six-month period. Much of that was based on consistent content being pushed out all day, seven days a week, which they had the budget for. As a small business owner, you probably don’t have time to sit around on Facebook (although admit it -- you’ve done that once or twice) and grow your presence online.

This list of seven simple steps to grow your social media presence -- my Social Media Boot Camp series -- originally appeared on, and I’ve repurposed it for the sake of this book. Caity is my fiancé, and you’ll see her name pop up pretty often throughout this book. We work our home-based business together, but she can talk to anyone at any time, anywhere -- it’s a little crazy, actually -- so she’s the face of the business. My job is to grow our presence online, and we both get asked pretty often on how we’re able to do this. Thus, this miniseries was born!

If you’re struggling to grow your home-based business -- either in Direct Sales, Multi-level Marketing, or your own unique startup -- these tips will help you not only gain more followers, but cultivate your existing ones into a valuable community.

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September 25
Dan Schenker
Dan Schenker