Social Media Judo

Geoff Nelson and Others
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Publisher Description

Are your social media efforts delivering real, tangible results while paying for themselves? Social media judo is born out of the philosophy of successes we have had creating programs using minimal client effort and achieving maximum results. This is exactly why social media works for marketing and why it drives ROI and is hyper-effective when done correctly. Social media and the resulting effect on all of us are driven by the momentum of real influencers working to inform and educate other buyers. Your job is to find a way to tap into this momentum and help propel your company to be greater than the sum of its parts. Social media judo will show how to do just that as well as how to create your own "judo moves" that will
• increase sales
• cut marketing costs
• boost engagement and, most importantly
• pay for themselves with real revenue
Ivy has helped dozens of other large and small companies such as AMD, AT&T, HP, Microsoft, ProFlowers, Time Inc. launch and grow their social media efforts. 

In addition, Ivy Worldwide's program "31 Days of the Dragon" for HP has won more awards for ROI than any other campaign. The campaign is considered to be one of the most successful of all time.

Foreword by Chris Pirillo (, one of the most influential bloggers ever and arguably one of the best online marketers ever born. 

Customer Praise for Ivy Worldwide
"Do you want to know how to use disruptive marketing at its best to drive sales while giving your competitors serious heartburn? We used the principles in this book to create a long string of successful campaigns for HP, including the groundbreaking ʻ31 Days of the Dragonʼ program that re-wrote the rules for what is possible for social media marketing. After reading this book youʼll know why social media is worth the hype."
-Scott Ballantyne
Vice President, Hewlett-Packard Corp

"Social Media Judo should be mandatory reading for any marketer looking to boost ROI and tap into the power of social media. The guys at Ivy and I used the concepts in this book to drive B2B programs that delivered ROI on a number of levels, the most important being leads and sales. Now, I cannot envision creating a campaign without identifying and using the ʻjudo movesʼ described in this book."
-Bruce Shaw
Executive Director, Lenovo

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