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You've heard about cyber bulling among our youth.  Unfortunately, age doesn't always equate to wisdom, and the old adage "turn the other cheek" doesn't always work.  (You run out of cheeks rather quickly.)  

This story is about the intersection of passion for the betterment and education of our youth at the corner of personal agenda and alliances.  This story highlights the lengths that we humans will go to in order to coerce, manipulate or bully those who speak truth in order to protect their alliances.  This time, at the expense of 7,000 students, and many of those closest to me.

I have always believed that justice prevails and that the truth always comes out.  I didn't realize that sometimes you have to fight like hell to get it out there.  And sometimes, it's OK to punch back.

August 14
Mass Media Prep
Jeremy Baumhower

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Get a new board ,

It's 100 percent unclear how nuts she is!

Two sisters, two nut jobs! Two board member, too crazy! Wow! These people brought a community and school district down to it's knees. Shameful and disgusting! Time to stand up to bullies and take control of our district and vote for a new board. "Felthersnatch" - these woman have no shame even for their dead father. Thanks for connecting the dots.

derkie313 ,

Local Impacts of the Fake News Virus

Over the last two years we have had an ongoing conversation about fake news and how it effects society, politics, and lives. This is the story of how fake news, spread by a small group of people, ruined the lives of two men (including the career of one), and have thrown an entire metropolitan school district into disarray. Proof that somehow we never really leave high school. Must read and nonstop page turner, complete with screenshots showing the truth. A++

yell-oo ,


I am half way through this book and cannot believe the level of harassment and bullying being committed by a person in this book and her helpers. I would liken it to how Scientology allegedly harasses and torments individuals who leave the church!
The fake websites, being followed, smear campaigns, etc..