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This handbook was previously distributed as a supplement to the Journal of Special Operations Medicine. The realm of special operations forces (SOF) medicine is a unique and ever-changing one that demands specialized training for our joint SOF. Managing trauma on today’s battlefield presents a dynamic array of challenges where limited resources can be rapidly overwhelmed. An austere environment, hostile gunfire, and delays in casualty evacuation (CASEVAC) are the norms for the special operations medic.

The material in this handbook was gleaned from special operations medics operating in the Global War on Terrorism and other operational environments. It should not be viewed as a substitute for the professional training and judgment of special operations medics; rather, it is designed to be a hip-pocket reference on the tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTP) of SOF-relevant tactical combat casualty care.

Key Lessons

Ninety percent of combat loss of life occurs before casualties ever reach a military treatment facility (MTF); treatment prior to casualty evacuation is vital.

Litter carries are fundamental for good patient care; they prevent further injury and get individuals off target as soon as possible. Rehearse manual carry methods prior to deployment.

Every special operations warfighter should carry a tourniquet and be thoroughly familiar with its application.

When managing multiple casualties, apply the principles of triage in classifying the priority of treatment and evacuation.

Rehearse and employ all of the mechanics of CASEVAC from the point of injury to the handover at a MTF.

This handbook provides a number of considerations when employing medical support to SOF in combat. The challenges are numerous, but the special operations medic must deliver medical care to save Soldiers’ lives. The collection of TTP in this handbook will enhance the medic’s ability to determine the optimum method to deliver casualty survival assistance.

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