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"Soft Skills. Hard Returns." is anything but soft. Here's why. A Harvard study indicates that 80% of your career achievement will be determined by soft skills. Eighty percent. Whether you're a freshly minted graduate, a workforce newbie or a seasoned pro, in some way, regardless of title or position you'll use soft skills. Communication. Collaboration. Innovation. Persuasion. Skills long considered exclusive to a sales position are proven necessary to career advancement regardless of profession. The ability to effectively communicate and express ideas is vital and in "Soft Skills. Hard Returns." you'll learn that and more.      

Since the late 1950s researchers have studied the importance of soft skills. It continues. A recent LinkedIn study reveals 40% of employers struggle to match candidates with job openings where soft skills are a requisite. Business development. Sales. Account management. Project management. Customer experience. These positions are becoming increasingly hard to fill.

Employers face a widening-skills gap. Because the majority of colleges and universities don't teach soft skills. So, they're usually acquired independently, on the job, or at the employer's expense.

Consider "Soft Skills. Hard Returns" your "go to." It summarizes 40+ years of successful sales, business development, marketing, advertising and client-service experience in one eBook. With bite sized, humor-laced stories you'll learn the skills necessary to protect and expand revenue. You'll gain the know how to address everyday issues related to the right and the not-so-right ways of planning and delivering on objectives like: strategic external and internal communications along with effective and memorable presentations. Client-needs-based proposals. SILO-busting. Productive-team collaboration. Improved-customer retention. Unconventional lead-generation approaches. And more, including how to handle the "bad" boss. With 570+ tips and supporting informational links "Soft Skills. Hard Returns" addresses topics the majority of business and non-profit organizations face with real, common-sense solutions.  

Whether you call them soft skills, sales skills, or people skills, they're interrelated and pivotal to career success. Without them, you put your career in a stranglehold. 

With them ... you'll be in demand.

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December 9
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