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When curvy Hailey learns that her father's sold her to the leader of a werewolf pack, she's really, really angry. It's 2013, and he can't just trade her like she's a piece of property!
But she isn't given a say in the matter, and refusal is not an option. She's collected by two horny werewolves and taken deep into the woods to meet her dominant but undeniably sexy new master.
The wolf pack wants to share his luscious new mate, but the alpha wolf always gets the first taste!

This smoking hot 4,700 word erotic story contains very explicit sexual content with one curvy heroine, a dominant, sexy werewolf alpha and his pack of horny wolves...

Here's a taste:
Sawyer looked down at me, his midnight blue eyes intense. “You belong to me now. You understand that? You’re mine.”
I opened my mouth to reply, to tell him no, I did not understand that, not by a long shot, but he continued before I could say anything.
“You’re mine, and you’ll do what I tell you to, when I tell you to. Remember that, and we’ll get along just fine.”
My heart was pounding in my chest so loudly that I was sure Sawyer, Ben, Mick and the werewolves could all hear it. And what would happen if we didn’t get along just fine? The thought scared the hell out of me. I stared into the distance, and I said nothing. What was there to say?
He brought a hand to my face, and I flinched at the unexpected contact. Sawyer ran a strong, rough finger along my cheek, over my jaw, and under my chin. His touch was surprisingly gentle, and he tilted my face up, forced me to meet his gaze.
“I’m not an easy man to please, and I’m not gonna go easy on you.” He said, and my eyes widened. I felt my insides tighten at his words. “But I won’t do anything I don’t think you can handle. You understand?” He asked, and his eyes blazed into mine. He seemed genuinely sincere when he said that. And when I looked into his intense blue eyes, I realized that I believed him. Some of my terror from before began to ebb, and I gave Sawyer a small nod, letting him know that I understood. That I trusted him.
“You gonna let us have a go at this one?” Mick asked, breaking the intense moment that Sawyer and I had been sharing. Sawyer tore his eyes from mine and looked around at the men and the wolves that were surrounding us.
“Maybe,” Sawyer said, and I gulped. “But I’m gonna have to break her in first.”
And before I knew what was happening, Sawyer’s impossibly strong arms were around me, pulling me forward and holding me close to him. There were hoots and howls as he lifted me off the ground and pressed me into his chest. My legs went around his waist instinctively, and his hands cupped my backside...

Fiction & Literature
August 28
Rose Black
Draft2Digital, LLC

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