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Young women everywhere dream of being chosen for the exchange program, and Cheri is no exception.  A trip to foreign lands is her ticket to freedom, wealth, and regality if she plays her cards right.  Broke and in search of fun, meaning sex, her ultimate goal is finding a wealthy husband, but Cheri isn’t looking for just any kind of wealth.  What Cheri is after is royal wealth and the status that goes with it.  Her guide for the program is handsome and exudes sensuality, but Cheri learns a little too late that this is no ordinary program.  This is an exchange of questionable intentions.


Cheri’s steady exhalations against Jav’s chest were causing his body to awaken.  He lowered his face to hers and gently kissed her lips, and she surrendered to his touch.  Jav made no demands of her that night, though the closeness of their nakedness was nearly irresistible.  Jav’s reluctance to take her completely confused Cheri.  “It is not time, mon Cheri,” he whispered.

Cheri awoke to the aroma of fresh pancakes and looked up to see her Prince Charming preparing breakfast just for her.  “Good morning,” she said sleepily.

“Breakfast is served,” Jav declared, with a smile as brilliant as the stars.  He had planned a wonderful day for the two of them, but Cheri wondered about the others who had accompanied her.

“Where are the other women?”

With yet another dazzling smile, Jav gently touched her cheek.  “Sometimes it is not our place to ask.”

Cheri felt like a child at the reprimand, but she took it in stride.  After all, she was a stranger in this man’s land and she had freely chosen to be a part of the exchange program.

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April 25
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