Solid Mechanics

Learn the basics in 18 lectures

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Traditional textbooks are difficult to learn from. Solid Mechanics: Learn the basics in 18 lectures is different. With clear, concise language and easy-to-follow examples, the fundamental concepts of introductory mechanics of materials are presented in 18 short, lecture-style chapters. Each chapter contains an abundance of graphics, with concepts taught through a series of drawings integrated with short paragraphs of supporting text, aiding visual learning. Four to seven assignment problems are provided at the end of each chapter to practice the concepts that have just been covered. Detailed hand-written solutions for each of the 92 assignment/practice problems are available for download (Solution Manual for 3rd edition of Solid Mechanics: Learn the basics in 18 lectures).

This textbook is ideal for new undergraduate engineering students who are learning mechanics of materials for the first time, or as a reference for more advanced engineering students or professionals who could benefit from a quick refresher. Subjects covered within the text include:

average normal stress and average shear stress

normal strain, shear strain, and stress-strain diagrams

safety factors and axial deformation

indeterminate axial loads and stress concentration


statically indeterminate torqued members

shear and moment diagrams using the method of sections

shear and moment diagrams using the graphical method

bending stress

bending due to off-axis moments

composite beams

transverse shear

analyzing fasteners in built-up beams

combined loading

stress transformation and Mohr’s circle

failure of brittle materials

failure of ductile materials using the absolute maximum shear stress theory

failure of ductile materials using the maximum distortion energy theory

measuring stress

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Samuel Veres
Samuel Veres

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