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When graduate student Katherine Brenner walked into my class, I couldn't stand her -- all perfect skin and big, blue eyes -- just like the woman who broke my heart.

If it wasn't for that blizzard, if her car hadn't broken down outside my house, if she hadn't looked amazing by the firelight, I never would have kissed her. No matter how hard I try, every excuse I make not to see her comes up flat.

I can't stop thinking of her lips. Or the way her curves fit perfectly in my hands. There's a million reasons why this won't work. I'm her professor. It's against university policy.

And if this gets out, I could lose everything.

May 8
Entangled Publishing, LLC

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I have to admit going into this one I was a little leery. I'm not usually a fan of the student/teach stories however I also have to admit I truly enjoyed this one. The story is very well written and the age difference in the characters isn't that big. Katherine is a grad student and Drew is a young professor. Drew is known for being hard and demanding but when it comes to Katherine he really kicks it up a few notches. Katherine has no idea what she has done to make him hate her so much but she's not going to worry about it. She just needs to finish this semester and try to stay under the radar. Everything changes one fateful night when Katherine finds herself in trouble and the only one who can help her is Dr. Drew Markham.

I highly recommend this one.

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This book is SO FREAKING GOOD!!!

This book is SO FREAKING GOOD!!!

I was ENTHRALLED by this book. I fell absolutely in love with page 1 and loved it until the very last word.

Lauren's writing style is excellent. The story flows and a steady pace, the dialogue is realistic and I totally got Kate's brand of humor.

The synopsis didn't really prepare me for exactly what was at play between Kate and Drew. Between Kate and Drew and a lot of other characters, for that matter. No spoilers, but there be lots of twists in this book!

I loved Kate. She definitely got the short end of the "stick of life," but she made the best of it and was a really beautiful person. I could not wait to see how this story ended for her!

And Drew. My gosh. The snowstorm, the reporter, the teachers, the students...he certainly had one heck of a gauntlet to survive, and I was so happy with his ending.

The final conflict of the story was absolutely heartbreaking and yet, I COULDN'T WAIT to see how it got resolved. Lauren gave me a villain to hate, which I did and I LOVED it, and all of the loose ends were neatly tied up.

I am a FOREVER FAN of Lauren Rico and I CANNOT WAIT for her next book!!!!!

(I received a copy of this book in consideration of an honest review)

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