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"Remarkably fresh and original with characters you can't help loving and sparkling dialogue that echoes the Hepburn-Tracy screwball comedies. Hilarious, touching, and entertaining." -Chicago Tribune (review of "Solomon vs. Lord")

The sharpest lawyer to barely graduate from Key West School of Law, Steve Solomon is a beer and burger guy. Fresh from Yale, Victoria Lord is a Chardonnay and paté gal. The squabblers extraordinaire can't agree on "good morning," but somehow they're a winning team in court.

Steve plans a mysterious boat trip in the short story "Solomon & Lord Sink or Swim." He claims he's going fishing with Manuel Cruz, but Victoria isn't buying it. She knows that Cruz stole a bundle from Steve's favorite client. Victoria hops aboard to find out just what Steve has planned. The answer could get them both killed.

Next are four excerpts from the critically acclaimed series:

"Solomon vs. Lord" in which Steve and Victoria bicker and banter as they defend a beautiful young woman, accused of killing her wealthy, older husband. (Nominated for the Macavity and James Thurber awards);

"The Deep Blue Alibi" in which the legal duo defends Victoria's "Uncle Grif" on charges he killed a government official with a speargun. The setting is the Florida Keys with side trips to coral reefs and a nudist colony where all is more - and less - than it seems. (Nominated for an Edgar Allan Poe Award);

"Kill All the Lawyers" in which a furious and possibly deranged ex-client targets Steve, who may have intentionally lost the client's manslaughter case. (Nominated for the International Thriller Writers award);

"Habeas Porpoise" in which Victoria is appointed a special prosecutor and faces Steve, who defends a murder trial stemming from the kidnapping of highly trained dolphins.

Finally, an excerpt from "Lassiter," featuring linebacker-turned-lawyer Jake Lassiter. In this one, Jake retraces the steps of a model who went missing 18 years earlier...after their one-night stand. Just what does Jake know that he's not telling? It all comes together in a murder trial with an explosive ending. Number one bestselling writer Harlan Coben calls "Lassiter" the "courtroom drama of the year."

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"A funny, fast-paced legal thriller. The barbed dialogue makes for some genuine laugh-out-loud moments. Fans of Carl Hiaasen and Dave Barry will enjoy this humorous Florida crime romp." -Publishers Weekly (reviewing "Solomon vs. Lord")

"The writing makes me think of Janet Evanovich out to dinner with John Grisham."

"The repartee between Solomon and Lord is some of the greatest dialogue I have read in years, and is reminiscent of the very best of Dave and Maddie in Moonlighting.'"

"Steve Solomon and Victoria Lord are smart and funny and sexy in a way that Hollywood movies were before comedies became crass and teen-oriented." -Connecticut Post

"A cross between 'Moonlighting' and 'Night Court.' Courtroom drama has never been this much fun."

"A refreshingly delightful mystery. The scene at the nudist colony alone ["The Deep Blue Alibi"] is worth the price of admission."

"A clever, colorful thriller with characters drawn with a fine hand."
-Publishers Weekly (starred review of "Kill All the Lawyers")

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July 17
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