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Human beings are social animals.

We need somebody to communicate with, in order to be happy. We find happiness in our relationships, in most cases. And we tend to spend most of our time with our partners (spouses). So having a prosperous happy relationship is crucial for our happiness.

But how to have a happy relationship? How to make the relationship happy?

Answer: You can make your relationship happy only by solving relationship problems on time.

Yes. The main cause of unhappy relationships is neglecting the problems in our relationships. We all have problems, by solving problems we grow and become wiser and more experienced. And when two wise experienced adults make a relationship, it is almost inevitable to make it happy.

Most people do not maintain their relationships. A relationship is like a garden, in order to have a prosperous happy relationship, we should maintain it on a regular basis.

In this book, we're going to cover the most common relationship problems and how to deal with them.

Most problems are related to your partner, but after reading this book you'll find out that the cause of these problems could be you too, or at least, your attitude toward your spouse.

So in this book, we're going to cover the TOP 10 most common relationship problems:

1. Your partner started lying to you

2. Your partner doesn't develop personally

3. Your partner started getting angry for insignificant reasons

4. Your partner started spending less time with you

5. Your partner stopped respecting you

6. Your partner started getting rude with you

7. Your partner started talking to you less

8. Your partner gets along better with your friend than with you

9. Your partner is not attentive to you

10. Your partner doesn't take the initiative

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Ahror Niyazov
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