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Divine beings have come to this earth, from time to time, to enlighten man and guide him in the right direction, to teach him what Divine Love or Ishq Haqiqi means and how it can be attained and sustained, and to explain to him the very purpose of life. One such divine being was Sai Rochaldas Sahib, a brilliant star in the galaxy of Sufi saints of Sind. He was unique and his life was an example of perfection. He was a perfect disciple, perfect householder, perfect lover, perfect yogi and perfect Master. Following the spiritual path under the guidance of his perfect satguru, Sai Hazrat Qutab Ali Shah Sahib, he realised the Truth and attained to Oneness. He personified divine love—Ishq Haqiqi.

As a disciple, he had absolute faith in his satguru, he showed complete obedience to the precept, zeal and earnestness in practice and steadfastness and firmness in endeavour. He was pure in his mind and his spiritual endeavours were without any ulterior motive.

As a householder, he was dutiful, loving, gentle, humble, contended, hospitable, generous, simple, compassionate and fond of beauty, discipline and orderliness. He had fully resigned himself to the will of God. He always wore a simple dress and never put on the garb of a monk or a priest. His dwelling place was very simple. It did not have the semblance of a temple or a shrine.
As a lover, he had attained total absorption (fanai) in his satguru, in the deity and in the gurushabd, culminating in the annihilation of the self and realisation of the Self or the Truth.

As a yogi, he was adept in pranayama but he never displayed his attainments and powers and refrained from using the occult powers that usually come to a seeker with the practice of pranayama. Going beyond the realm of occult which he treated as an aspect of maya—the cosmic illusion—he delved deep into the domain of spiritualism. He attained union with the Absolute, Haq or Brahm.

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July 31
H. M. Damodar
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