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Some wallflowers do…And some rogues will…

Seven heartfelt tales of willful wallflowers and the rogues they tame.

The Wallflower Way by Sue London:

Rachel Flowers doesn't care to marry, preferring that her younger sisters be the focus of their mother's matchmaking tendencies. A chance encounter with new earl Gabriel Whitestone changes her destiny. Will the bachelor-minded Gabriel and committed spinster Rachel be able to admit their growing love?

Find Me Love by Dawn Brower:

Lady Diana Thomas doesn't like balls or being a proper lady. She uses her wallflower status to her advantage by holding clandestine matches wherever he is forced to attend any ton function. After a chance encounter at one of Diana's fencing matches Luther, the Earl of Northesk is intrigued by her tenacity and decides to court her to make her his.

Scandalous Wallflower by Amanda Mariel:

A wallflower by nature, Lady Jane long ago accepted she would become a spinster. Everything changed when, Caleb, Earl of Keery, mistakenly ruined her. Can Jane and Caleb get past their forced union and embrace the gift fate bestowed upon them?

Captivated by the Wallflower by Aileen Fish:

Viscount Knightwick's scheme to turn his friend's daughter, Lady Susan, into a Diamond of the Season goes horribly awry when his conscience becomes involved. Thank goodness his heart is safe from falling for the stubborn bluestocking who fights his every move, because he could never love such a willfull, headstrong woman.

Romancing a Wallflower by Anna St.Claire

A tragic riding accident leaves Lilian DeLacey unable to walk and restricts her life to books and quiet activities, a life she is resigned to live until she meets John Andrews, the Earl of Harlow. Their chance encounter blossoms into romance, igniting a yearning for a future. An undercover commission for the Crown takes him into the heart of a dangerous smuggling operation on the Cornwall coast, and unseen dangers threaten his life and Lilian's. Will trust and love be enough to save them and heal the scars that threaten their future?

The Spinster's Alluring Season by Tabetha Waite:

Lady Rowena has been invited to the lavish house party of the newly minted baronet, Sir Pierce. He's mysterious and intriguing, having served the Crown as an English spy, but his only purpose has been to win a certain lady's affections. When the truth of his past comes to light, will the lady choose society's approval, or the man who has stolen her heart?

The Disappearance of Lady Edith by Christina McKnight:

One tragic night changed sensible, proper Lady Edith Pelton's life: when her best friend fell to her death, pushed down a flight of stairs by a nefarious lord. Now, Edith dedicates her time watching the man she thinks is responsible, while gathering other information to expose other scoundrels posing as gentlemen of honor about London. But when her spying is noticed by a perfect stranger, Edith finds herself with two mysteries—what happened to her friend, and how to win the heart of a brilliantly handsome lord.

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