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It’s one of the rules of the rock and roll road: the musicians snub the roadies because they’re uncultured grunts, and the roadies hate the musicians because they’re spoiled brats.

Meet Tryp, the rock star drummer for Killer Valentine, the hottest band on the planet. He's young, he's rich, and his whirlwind life of liquor, women, and screaming crowds is perfect, just as long as he never sobers up.

Elfie Tilsi has been a pyrotechnics technician (don’t call her a “roadie.”) with the breaking-out rock band Killer Valentine for two years, ever since she ran away from home.

The musicians of Killer Valentine are starting to crack from the unrelenting stress and limitless excess of touring. When the band manager tasks Elfie with babysitting Tryp, she tries being a little kind to him and quickly discovers that his problems are far deeper than the rock and roll lifestyle.

Can the love of a rock drummer and the pyromaniac roadie survive?

INCLUDES: special edition includes the hard-to-find short story “Alwaysland,” where we meet Xan Valentine, the lead singer of Killer Valentine, and a new Note From Blair Babylon!

January 27
Malachite Publishing
Malachite Publishing

Customer Reviews

Chanda ill it up. ,

Somebody to Love

The characters were very realistic and believable. I enjoyed the Romance and intriguing turn the story took. This is a must read and will hold your interest. I thought it was very well written.

AAinFL ,

Somebody to Love

Great read. Have enjoyed all of Blair's books so far. This was shorter than Rae and Wulf's story and Georgie and Xan's story. Those were both my favorites. Elfie and Tryp in Somebody to Love are a great addition to Xan's story. It felt like I already knew them. I will likely read all Blair's books especially the ones where the characters are mixed in each other's stories. I love her attention to detail and the detailed descriptions of places and things. Makes you feel like you're there or watching a movie.

shadowplay4u ,

incredibly extraordinary and out of this world amazing

Someone to Love seriously blew my mind while sending my system into complete shock. I never anticipated on finding such an intensely and heartfelt written masterpiece that shredded my very soul. The treasure that I uncovered brought me to knees in utter surrender. There is no denying that this story will stir your soul awake and emblazed your heart. No one can hide from the depth of emotion and the tremors of shock that will echo throughout your entire being.

Elfie fled her home looking for a place where she could spread her wings and find herself. She never expected to find people who took her in with open arms and taught her a valuable trade that would help to enhance her future plans. She kept her nose down and worked hard never regretting the choices she made to get where she was. What she didn’t count on was finding herself thrust into Tryp’s life. It started out with a motivation to genuinely help him just once knowing what he was dealing with something that a person can’t handle alone. Then, things changed, or at least for her. Her motive changed to one of wanting to get to know him and help him as much as she could in order to ease his suffering. Tryp could see the difference that her courage and strength inspired in him, and he couldn’t bare to having her in his life. Will Tryp’s past destroy the beautiful promise that he can see just lurking past his vision, or will Elfie walk away before she ruins the hope that she sees reawakening from his past?

I have been wanting to know more about Tryp. He felt like a lost soul that was an immensely important part of Killer Valentine and yet he didn’t really fit in with the others. He was a beautifully unique piece f the puzzle that makes up this wildly talented band, and without him, they would lose a big piece of their heart. I also couldn’t wait to find out about Elfie. There was something so intriguing about her that I was excited for this opportunity to get to know her on a more intimate level. These two were literally made for each other, and that shone brightly in obstacle and struggle they faced. Tryp had a huge heart full f untapped love that Elfie desperately needed, and Elfie’s courage and strength spurred on Tryp’s desire to make a change that only he could bring about. These two won my heart over in no time, and I couldn’t wait to see them finally come together and realize that they completed the other in every way that matters and more.

I can never wait to get my hands on one of Blair Babylon’s books. They are incredibly extraordinary and out of this world amazing!! She is definitely one of my top favorite authors, and I treasure the opportunity to enjoy her brilliance and heart. I am looking forward to the next precious gem that she creates! I would encourage you to pick up one of her books today. You will never regret it.

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