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Firefighter Burke Callaway has been living in the shadows since the tragic death of his fiancée. He had no interest in coming out of the dark, until the beautiful and unpredictable Maddie came back to town. 

Maddie Heller is the ultimate free spirit, her love of life and cooking taking her all over the globe, and only a few people know that her easy smile covers a personal tragedy. With a new job offer in San Francisco, Maddie thinks it might be time to stay in one place, especially when she runs into Burke again.

Burke was the handsome, sexy hero of her youth who could do no wrong. Maddie was the pretty, fun-loving girl of his youth who loved to break the rules. They were opposites in every way, but there was always a connection. It was just never the right time or the right place—until maybe now. 

But their budding love story suddenly takes a dangerous turn, and a series of escalating incidents makes them realize that falling in love might not just be terrifying but also deadly. 

What the readers are saying…

"SOMEWHERE ONLY WE KNOW was a thrill-seeker for me—full of mystery, drama, and love. Like most Callaway novels, Barbara keeps you reading until the end. 5 STARS!" Ashley

"Opposites attract in SOMEWHERE ONLY WE KNOW! Compelling story, believable characters, enjoyable dialogue and easy to follow story line." Bookzilla

"Loved the characters, the suspense, and the emotions coming through the pages. Five stars for Burke and Maddy." Jennifer

"The perfect blend blend of romance, a bit of mystery with suspense and of course the rest of the Callaway clan makes for a great read in SOMEWHERE ONLY WE KNOW. This is part of a series but can be read as a standalone." Shari 

"This is by far the best Callaway book yet. Burke is amazing. And Maddie is a hysterically funny free spirit that you can't help but fall in love with. From start to finish it held my interest." Yvonne 

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February 12
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Customer Reviews

glhince ,

A series that captured each of the Callaways at their worst and working to their best

The series wraps up with Burke Callaway, the eldest brother. We’ve seen glimpses of him through the story, but his own personal pain around the loss of his fiancé have kept him in mourning and removed a bit from the family as they explore love. He’s dedicated to work and his family, with the priorities switching as needed. Another firefighter, he’s been stoic and mired in his own feelings about Leanne’s death, as things were not all roses between them before she died.

Maddie is Leanne’s twin, on her own path with the grief and guilt over her twin’s loss, she has been avoiding emotions through action: ticking off items on the bucket list she and her sister made as teens. Now, back in San Francisco, events have turned and Maddie is in need of a helping hand.

These two are familiar with one another, but both are mired in their own grief and guilt. Slowly Burke’s emotional armor starts to fall, as Maddie’s more carefree façade and easy-going nature start to work on him. But when the person responsible for Leanne’s death reappears to threaten Maddie, things start to take a turn toward their coming together.

The development of these two characters was nicely done, but I often had problems with the dialogue: rapid fire, it often felt like quizzing before a test as Freethy used their conversations to provide information that instantly spurned new questions and more information. It didn’t feel organic or even viable as a ‘we are getting to know one another in the now’ sort of way, and there was quite a bit of information delivered in this way, not all of it sticking as important for readers. As a device to keep the questions about the perpetrator circling, it worked fairly well, even though I had figured out who was the bad guy early on.

A series that captured each of the Callaways at their worst and working to their best, the suspense and daily dramas kept this story and the series moving forward nicely. Perfect for fans of more suspenseful romances, the Callaways are a great family to get to know.

I received an eBook copy of the title from the author for purpose of honest review with a Novel Publicity tour event. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.

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