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Stone Barrington is faced with the biggest challenge of his life as Stuart Woods’s #1 New York Times bestselling series continues...

After an eventful trip to Bel-Air and a reunion with his sophisticated (and very wealthy) former love, Arrington Calder, confirmed bachelor Stone Barrington is looking to stay in New York and cash in on his partnership at Woodman & Weld. Not only is he a rainmaker of one of the riches white-shoe law firms in town, he’s back in his element. Manhattan, after all, is his home, and no one is better than Stone at navigating both its shadowy underworlds and its chic society.
But Arrington has other plans for Stone, and his life is about to take a turn he never imagined...

Fiction & Literature
September 20
Penguin Publishing Group

Customer Reviews

Kobrien196 ,

Son of Stone-fair only

Although I have loved Stuart Woods' books for years, especially the Stone Barrington series, this one is lacking. It was a smooth read, but lacked the character quality of his other novels. The Peter character is dry and the story is oddly paced. Just a disappointing storyline from a favorite author. Guess we all have bad days.

beckmey1 ,

Interesting, but....

As a segue into the next Stone Barrington adventure, this (barely) works. As a stand alone novel, however, it is nothing more than fluff. No real emotion, no real plot and devoid of what one wants/expects from this author. Save your money.

GCLaw ,

Can life be any more perfect?

Stone Barrington has always lived a life that anyone would die for; but this book was over the top. Even when adversity befalls Stone, his wife Arrington is shot, everyone takes care of every detail for him, the killer is shot cleanly, and Stone and his new son become billionaires. The plot was just too gooey.

At least in most Stone Barrington novels, which I usually enjoy, there is a murder to solve, a ransom to pay, some ridiculous difficulty that Stone's favorite client, Herbbie, gets into for Stone to resolve, etc. Here, the most sweat Stone works up is in bed with his wife, who is of course rich, beautiful, smart, understanding, kind and intelligent. In other words, perfect.

I typically enjoy these books. The writing style is good and the plots tend to have enough twists and turns to keep me engaged. With this book, I realized halfway through, there was nothing to solve or resolve for Barrington. Every conversation is perfect, every thought is excellent, everything that comes into his life just makes it better and better. It has really come to the point of fantasy, without reality anywhere in sight.

Give Stone a tough case to solve. Let Peter get addicted to drugs. Put some real world adversity into the Barrigton family before I gag on his good fortune!

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