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Like father, like son. Alexis Paulvitch survived the vengeance of Tarzan and now he wants revenge. He means to lure Greystoke's son, young Jack Clayton, away from London, and do away with him. But Jack Clayton is smarter than Paulvitch reckons. He foils the plot, escaping into the jungle with the help of Akut, the great ape. The pair flee to the same African jungle where Tarzan was raised a generation before.

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January 1
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Public Domain

Customer Reviews

Mudbone56 ,

Very good

Fitting example of the beautiful mind of ERB

Norman Gerren ,

Stories by Edgar Rice Burroughs.

Since the 1950's I have been a fan of Edgar Rice Burroughs. Any books of his that were available in the library system of the cities where I lived I quickly read. Therefore, I am unable to be completely objective in my evaluation.

In the reading of his stories a person will experience mystery and excitement, along with a picture of the world during the time of their writing. Also it will show how many individuals of the world unfortunately thought and reacted toward their fellow man. Of course, the science, or the misconception of it during that time might take away from the story line for some of the readers of today. However if you view the stories as a window into the past you will be caught up in the moment of the time and enjoy an exciting adventure.

NightNurse1 ,

A Delightful Read

After reading, The Beasts of Tarzan, I was yearning for another experience to fill the Tarzan shaped hole in my literary needs; the Son of Tarzan was everything I needed to satiate this hunger! The story sparks an intrigue at the very start, and doesn't release until the very end; the story fulfills all the wonderful strong points of the series, the intriguing struggle for survival, along with the romance that isn't shoved down the throat of the reader, and enough characters with unique motivations and ideals that clash and converge when the characters come together. The action and interest doesn't stop until the last page, and neither does my love for this book and this series! I would highly recommend this phenomenal read for readers of all breeds!

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