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Mourning the death of Thrax, whose head has been sent to the Hittite king, Ankhesenamun tries to find peace again. But as she resumes her normal life, her world is rocked by another death — this time, that of her brother-husband, Tutankhamun.

As Ankhesenamun tries to keep control of her throne and her country, the chief advisors tighten their own hold on power. Tension escalates as Ankhesenamun tries to keep the advisors at bay. Eventually, stripped of any authority and confined to her own chambers, she does the unthinkable — she sends a message to the Hittite king offering the throne of Egypt to one of his sons.

When the Hittites arrive at the Egyptian border and her actions are uncovered, Ankhesenamun finds her own life in danger. Betrayed by one of her own guards and facing the possibility that her exiled sisters have been found, her future looks bleak.

Ankhesenamun needs to find a way to control the advisors and reclaim her position before one of her sisters is installed on the throne. Because the advisors only need one daughter of Akhenaten alive…

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
December 20
Kylie Quillinan
Draft2Digital, LLC

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