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A Story About Having the Courage to DREAM BIG!

In Songbird, author Jenn Larson encourages kids to believe in their dreams, even when no one else does. With delightful illustrations and an inspiring message, this book shows kids what it looks like to set a goal and work hard to reach it.

While most birds dream of being seed gatherers or nest builders, Sydney Sparrow has a dream that is a little bit out of the ordinary. She wants to be a great conductor with the New York Philharmonic Orchestra! But when the other birds start questioning her dream, Sydney wonders if she has set her sights too high.

With a little courage and determination—and a whole lot of practice - can Sydney Sparrow turn her dream into a reality?


Jenn Larson is the middle child and only daughter of two former school teachers. She has a Bachelors in Psychology and a Masters in Curriculum and Instruction, and over 20 years experience as an elementary school teacher. She shares teaching ideas and activities for busy teachers and resources for upper elementary students as The Teacher Next Door (www.the-teachernext-door.com).

Jenn is also a mom of two kids and three rescue cats. As an author, Jenn hopes to inspire children to have a love of learning and a passion for reading. She is excited to share her work with you!

Ponlona Lovsin grew up on her grandparents' farm in Slovenia. Her dad gave her colored pencils and paints as a child, and she went on to study at the Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana, Slovenia, before beginning her career as an illustrator.


If you are looking for a book that encourages students to believe in themselves, Songbird is perfect! What I love most about this book is the dream and theme of the book focuses on music. I think this is great for all students, but more specifically a great opportunity to reach those who are b in art and being creative, and maybe not academics. The examples are spot on with reactions children may receive from others that can feel discouraging. And it ends with the advice to believe in yourself and follow your dreams.

Kylie Parpart, Social Worker, Instagram @kyliethecreativesocialworker

Songbird by Jenn Larson is an adorable story of a courageous little sparrow who chases her dreams! This great read encourages kids to believe in their dreams, work hard, practice and never lose sight of their dreams no matter how out of the ordinary they may be! I love how this book can be used in the classroom to teach students self-confidence, goal setting and perseverance.

Jessica Perez, Teacher, Instagram @mrsperezteachertools

There are so few high-quality, engaging stories for elementary learners that explore career awareness. This brand new book by Jenn Larson is a GREAT one to add to your school counselor library! This story is so empowering and encouraging for our children, and helps them understand that their future is theirs' to design. With practice, determination, and hard work, they can dream big and pursue any career that their heart desires! This story would be the perfect introduction to a careers unit, or would accompany self-esteem work very well, too!

Laura Oathout, School Counselor, Instagram @musiccitycounselor

May 6
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National Center for Youth Issues

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