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The Sonoran Desert in the American Southwest is a place of extremes and contrasts, of beauty and death, of independent spirits and lost souls, of fresh starts and exiles.

Three short stories, three different genres, all set in the Sonoran Desert, each with characters in exile of one form or another. One author with a unique perspective and voice.

Cordelia lives alone in a shack miles from civilization, somewhere no one can find her except for a very determined suitor. Raymond shows up every twelve years to consummate his marriage to the bride he'd claimed at her birth. Every twelve years, Cordelia fends off his unwanted advances – by killing him. The smell of death precedes his arrival each time, unless the sweet scent of a freshly fallen 'DESERT RAIN' masks his approach. Horror Bound magazine honored this award-winning story in its 'Best Of 2008-2012' edition.

Denny has lost everything in the recession. His business. His Scottsdale home on the side of a mountain with swimming pool and four-car garage. His ambition. His wife. With nothing left to lose but an injured foot, his sanity, or his life, he heads out on a hundred-mile 'DESERT WALK' to find Hope.

When the sun goes down and the scorching heat cools down to an uncomfortable swelter, bored teenagers gather to spend the 'DESERT NIGHTS' out by the power lines, drinking beer, hooking up, arguing over the best rock bands of all time. Maybe shoot at some rattlesnakes and jackrabbits. Nothing could possibly go wrong here.

What others are saying about SONORAN DREAMS:

"Robb Grindstaff is a master storyteller!" —Maria Grazia, Horror Bound Magazine

"I don't think there is any genre Robb Grindstaff can't conquer. Some writers excel at characterization, others at plot, and still others are best known for their unique prose style. Robb is a triple threat, and any book with his name on it is bound to be a great read. —S.P. Miskowski, author of Knock Knock

"Robb Grindstaff has a wicked sense of humor, a keen eye on the human psyche, and impeccable timing. His prose crackles and doesn't waste a syllable. These stories turn the desert Southwest of Cormac McCarthy into a carnival funhouse." —Pete Morin, author, Diary of a Small Fish

"Robb's talent for creating real-life characters and bringing us into their lives is extraordinary, but what marks him apart from so many others writing today is how American his voice is—Robb's writing amuses, charms and yet, when you least expect it, can still challenge and shock." —Alexander McNabb, author, Olives: A Violent Romance

"Robb Grindstaff's seamlessly written stories are full of strong characters, rendered with wit and subtlety. Stories unfold gently, judgments are never made, and the reader is left with a story that resonates long after the book is closed. His writing reminds me of John Irving (The World According to Garp; A Prayer for Owen Meany). " —Phillipa Fioretti, author, The Book of Love

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May 27
Robb Grindstaff
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