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Sometimes our paths cross with people that are unforgettable.

Like the first sheriff who pulled me over for speeding,

The first guy to kiss me senseless on the hood of a car. 

And the one man that promised me forever.

For me it was Deputy Carter Lang. 

Our paths didn’t just cross, they collided. 

But his love wasn’t enough to save me when I got sick.

I had no choice but to walk away, he didn’t need half a girlfriend. 

Left with only a memory--he was seared into my heart.

Now I’m back, after all this time wondering... 

How will it feel to see him again? Will I see him again? Orlando is a big city, we may never run into each other, right? Wrong.

Now I’m left trying to understand…

Can the ALMOST of the past we had turn into the forever we always wanted?

Fiction & Literature
January 4
F Squared
F, Squared LLP

Customer Reviews

Anaxkolasi ,


This book is a second chance romance. Sophie has been in love with Carter since she was 17. Carter has felt the same for her, but circumstances kept them apart for 10 years. Will they get the chance to rekindle what they once had or will the secrets they’ve been keeping tear them apart for good? I enjoyed this book, now on to Impact.

Rnaeole ,

Best $4 spent

This book was amazing. It literally had me laughing out loud and then crying. Definitely a book to fall in love with

Chicky345 ,


The Christakos family returns for the 2nd book in the Iron Orchids Series. Sophie used to live with her family in Orlando, her plan was to stay there for a year while her mom temporarily moved to California for work. Instead she packed up and moved across the country without any explanation to the rest of her family. That was ten years ago and Carter Lang is still wondering what happened to the girl he fell in love with who just disappeared on him all those years ago. Then his best friend- Kayson- and the entire family are preparing for their cousin Sophie to move back home and answers start falling into place. The problem is that Carter still doesn't have all the answers, and Sophie isn't quite ready to give them to him, or the rest of her family. The audio for this was great. The books in this series have so much heart and family while still having a tone of laughs and fun.

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