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A young 11-year-old girl named Sophie stood up and asked a seminary professor, “Why did God create the tree of the knowledge of good and evil if He knew Adam and Eve would eat from it?”  The professor looked at the girl and realized just how young she was and was amazed.  He said, “That is a great question!”  Then he proceeded by saying that God never really answers that question in the Bible.  He tried to explain the best he could the reason for the tree of the knowledge of good and evil by explaining the origins of evil and Satan.  But he then finally concluded that the reason God put the tree there was because “God has a plan.”   The professor's ultimate answer, "God has a plan" left S.K. Chon a bit unsatisfied and sent him on a journey to discover the answer for himself.  When Chon started pulling on the string entangled to Sophie's question, the end answer surprised him and made him realize that this answer might be the key to explaining why the message of Jesus Christ (the Gospel) has not been as accepted to many in the East.

Religion & Spirituality
April 7
Chon Publishing
Sangmin Chon

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danicemachelle ,


I am 59 and for many years I have been content in my western thinking. I have been challenge this past 10 years with authors like Tim Keller and NT Wright and it has been so good for me. Sophie, God Has a Plan, has been another welcomed challenge to think out of the box. I loved this book. Sang Chon has a wealth of knowledge that helped me have a new light on many topics. I am thankful for this book and hope that many people read it.

MP^2 ,

Thought Provoking

This is a thought-provoking book particularly for those of us who have Western thinking ingrained in our Christian minds. As a Western Christian, I often seek a truth that stands apart from myself. This objective truth looks outward and has minimal if any relationship with the individual. This book highlights the “hidden” tension in this line of thinking. God is truth and yet we are called to have a relationship with Him. Put it another way, we are called to have a subjective relationship with an objective truth! This book argues that this tension came about in the Garden of Eden, when Adam and Eve chose to eat from the forbidden tree of the knowledge of good and evil. In doing so, man has been obsessed with defining an objective right and wrong for themselves and neglected the tree of life (trust). Since then, God has been seeking to restore the balance culminating with His son Jesus Christ who is the only way to have a subjective relationship with the Father.

David J. Lim ,

A new way of looking at relationship with God.

The author chronicles his own journey toward faith. It’s a personal journey. Yet it’s a journey that is shared by many. How do we relate to God who is invisible yet he is everywhere. How do you talk to God who doesn’t have a typical voice as we understand voice? What about different places of origin for different people group? In this chronicle of one’s journey toward the truth, the way, and the life, the author highlights the importance of the tree of life which is present at the beginning of creation and also at the end of ages, from Genesis to the Revelations and who is the alpha and omega. One discovers that the person embodies all the character of God who taught Job to forgive the naysayers is none other than Jesus. The author helps the readers to understand the truth of James 2:13, “Mercy triumphs over judgement.” I strongly recommend this book to anyone who seriously are seeking to know the truth. For all those people who are out there asking questions of God and all the why’s, won’t you learn from the struggles that the author went through. In the end, you too will discover that we are in it together. David J. Lim